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Re: Crimzon Clover makes it to the arcade!

Posted: Fri Aug 15, 2014 11:56 pm
by Blackbird@Degica
Got a little something exciting to start off with! Just an appetizer though. I will be posting a series of replays over the next couple days from a high profile player...

Yotsubane himself =). The creator of the game can indeed take the punishment he dishes out. Starting the series off we have a couple of Time Attack runs. The longer runs come soon ;). Take a look for yourself over on Degica's youtube channel.

Edit 8/27: Replays pulled.

We're also getting the social networking set up.

Here's Degica's twitter page:

I'll post updates on that channel (as well as here). Enjoy!

Re: Crimzon Clover makes it to the arcade!

Posted: Sat Aug 16, 2014 10:46 pm
by Blackbird@Degica
Here's another couple runs. The first is another Time Attack run, this time with Type II. I saved the best one for last.

The next one is a little meatier - an Arcade Original run with the less-played Type III. It's a nice demonstration of the ship type that would place 5th on the global leaderboards (at the time of this post) if it were an official score.

Edit 8/27: Replays pulled.

Re: Crimzon Clover makes it to the arcade!

Posted: Sun Aug 17, 2014 5:04 pm
by Blackbird@Degica
Here's the final replay of the series, a Type I Unlimited run by Yotsubane that scores almost 7 trillion points. Naturally, we need something over the top in order to complete this series. It is Crimzon Clover, after all =D.

Edit 8/27: Replays pulled.

If this score were uploaded, it would put Yotsubane at number one of the Type I leaderboards - presumably the world's best for this ship/mode combination at the time of this post. I think we can take that as a challenge...

Re: Crimzon Clover makes it to the arcade!

Posted: Tue Sep 09, 2014 5:25 pm
by Blackbird@Degica
Small announcement today: Patch 1.03 is live! This patch adds more robust keyboard configuration options and a few bug/crash fixes.

v1.03 Patch Changelog:

Keyboard Config: The option to configure freely P1 and P2 keyboard was added to Key Settings. At the same time, the glitch where keyboard was controlling both ships has been corrected.
Controller Config: The controller config has been expanded, allowing for better setting of P1 and P2 controllers (Key Settings/Controller Settings).

FPS Display: An option to show or hide the FPS has been added to System Settings.
FPS Gauge Display: An option to show or hide the gauges has been added to System Settings.

Training: Fixed the bug in 2P training where the ship would not appear when starting at BOSS 1.
Training: Fixed the bug in 2P training when choosing Boost Mode and Break ON, restarting the training would remove the Break status on.

Online Leader-board: Fixed the bug where pressing START just after changing Mode/Ship would crash the game.

Replay: Fixed the Replay bug where the resize operation would make the replay data incorrect and impossible to accurately replay. Sadly, this cause most replay made with ver1.02 and before to become inaccurate.
We are truly sorry for this, however for the replay you cannot correctly view using v1.03 game, a tool based on old logic was added to the game folder: oldVerReplayPlayer.exe
Using that tool should allow to watch the old replays.

Re: Crimzon Clover makes it to the arcade!

Posted: Mon Sep 15, 2014 2:28 pm
by Blackbird@Degica
Hello everyone! The Humble Store is featuring Crimzon Clover in a shmup-themed bundle sale today (Sept 15th). If you've been waiting for a sale, it's a good opportunity to grab Crimzon Clover and a whole stack of great shmups for super cheap! The bundle starts at 2PM EST and runs for only 24 hours. Take a look here:

Slowbeef and I will also be running a promotional demo stream over on his TwitchTV channel:

We will be playing all five games in the bundle so you can take a look at what's in there. The developer from Really Big Sky will also drop by and talk a bit about her game!

The promo stream runs from 8PM to 12PM EST. We hope you'll come by and have fun playing shmups with us!

Re: Crimzon Clover makes it to the arcade!

Posted: Mon Sep 15, 2014 4:02 pm
by noiseredux
^that's cool. I already own CC and Danmaku 2, but this is a good deal. Plus, soundtracks!

Re: Crimzon Clover makes it to the arcade!

Posted: Mon Oct 06, 2014 4:48 pm
by Blackbird@Degica
For those of you that missed the bundle sale, we have an opportunity coming up for you to get the game for FREE!

We're going to have a small promotional giveaway for Crimzon Clover in conjunction with Indiegamerchick. We'll also have an hour long demo stream of Crimzon Clover on her TwitchTV channel.

The giveaway will occur on Wednesday, at 6PM EST at . The rules and conditions for the giveaway are here:

The livestream will also occur at 6PM EST. Streamer Megapieman will be hosting a brief demonstration of the game on IGC's TwitchTV channel:

We'll show off some basic gameplay, talk a bit about the game, and most likely have some Q&A.

Nothing comes for free, so what's the catch? In this case, the catch is that, if you win a promo copy, you are strongly encouraged to play the game and talk about it via any social websites you frequent. I would enjoy it very much if you would like to come by, play shmups with us, and help spread the word about our game =).

Re: Crimzon Clover makes it to the arcade!

Posted: Wed Nov 26, 2014 11:38 pm
by Blackbird@Degica
Good news everyone:

The long awaited launch of DRM-free Crimzon Clover for GOG is confirmed for 12/4 next week! It feels like it took forever, but it's finally here!

We are also having a Black Friday sale for Crimzon Clover. Until 12/2, it is 66% off on Steam.

Thank you for supporting us!

Re: Crimzon Clover makes it to the arcade!

Posted: Tue May 26, 2015 1:43 pm
by Blackbird@Degica
Crimzon Clover V1.05 is live!

New content should be live shortly, including:

The Super Replay Strategy Guide - 16 high-scoring replays and 22 commentated guides from the world's best CC WI players.

The Arranged Soundtrack - 25 new tracks in-game, 35 track lossless album, album art + track listing will be added when complete (putting finishing touches on it).

The Arcade Poster Pack - 2 large-format 18x24 Crimzon Clover illustrations in RGB and CMYK formats, suitable for making your arcade cab look swag.

Cimzon Clover Majestic Pack - Includes all the above.

We have a Midweek Madness sale going on right now, so until the 28th new CC content will be *heavily discounted*. All our games and content are 50-80% off atm. We're also running a giveaway with a chance to win Steam credit and free games. Relevant links:

Midweek Madness Sale
Midweek Madness Giveaway
New Crimzon Clover Content