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Re: Xbox 360 Shooter Checklist

by retrosportsgamer Mon Jan 18, 2016 1:19 am

retrosportsgamer wrote:Bummer, looks like Trouble Witches Neo is no longer available on XBLA.

I ended up grabbing Triggerheart Exelica on the off chance they'd drop it before the shmup of the month time came about.

Also started digging around the Indie games as who knows how long that is supported on the 360. From reading through the shmups system 11 forum, narrowed it down to these. Only Snops Attack! is $2.99 - rest are a buck.

Prismatic Solid
Break Limit
Snops Attack! Zombie Defense
Grid Space Shooter
Shoot 1UP
Infinity Danger
Orbitron: Revolution

edit: just read that you have to be online to play XBLA indie games. Huh.
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