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Space Invaders 95: Attack of the Lunar Loonies

by durkada Tue Oct 31, 2006 4:40 am

I accidently stumbled upon this game some time ago, and may be tempted to write a review of it should anyone request. I mention it in case somone hasn't heard of it, or would have ignored it because -- at its heart -- Space Invaders is boring. But. considering that SHMUPS began with Space Invaders, this version definitely deserves a place in the heart of every fan of the genre.

The game is humorous in a Parodius kind of style -- if not moreso. It begins, literally, in original Space Invaders mode -- complete with exaggerated pixels and sound effects. But then it all transforms into looniness. Monochrome becomes colorful -- indeed, as if the game is drunk on color. And what starts with the traditional type-writer style invasion pattern, soon employs new tricks and ideas to the old scheme -- later ditching it altogether for bonus rounds, boss stages, and new forms of attack. Play as a cat, a dog, a robot, a toilet -- a whole slew of colorful, but essentially identical, characters. Its a blast to play with two.

Zany sound effects splash over insane circus music. Graphics are beautiful from the player sprites to the scenery. Controls are of the simple classic Space Invaders fashion, but now with power-ups and charge blasts. The game perpetually challenges the player with wave after wave of sheer invention.

To play it, find some MAME roms or purchase the Taito Legends 2 disc.
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