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Yet another DC Shmup coming: Last Hope

by Mozgus Fri Sep 22, 2006 7:22 pm

Racketboy originally mentioned this game back in February here, when the DC port was first planned.

The official site is here, with info, screenshots, a video, and a downloadable song.

Quote from the FAQ:

* For which platform are you releasing this game?

NEO·GEO MVS (We are currently evaluating this for 2007. No commercial use/coin-op usage)
Dreamcast (DC)

* Are there release dates yet?

AES: July 10, 2006
NGCD: Q4 2006
DC: December 2006

Dreamcast specific questions:

* Does the Dreamcast version will offer Plug & Play?
Yes. The game will be playable without any additions, just like every original Dreamcast game.

* Packaging?
- Offset printed traycard.
- Offset printed booklet.
- Jewel Case.

* Does this game use the VMU?
Game progress, options and score are saved.

* Is there a Region Lock?
The game will be Region Free.

* Loading times?
Nearly nonexistent.

General questions:

* 1 or 2 players?
1 player

* Is difficulty adjustable?
Four different difficulties are available. Difficulty is considered rather high.

* Is this game 100% original?
Yes, all graphics were created new for this game. Artworks were created exclusivly,
while sound FX and music were licenced or newly created.

Regarding the video clip:
Recorded from emulation @ 30fps. The original game runs with 60fps.

Well cool. I'll be checking this out, for sure.
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by grittykitty Sat Sep 23, 2006 5:09 am

it's so awesome that indie publishers still put out games for old consoles, especially the dreamcast. damn, what a great system! i'd love to see cave story ported to dreamcast
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