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by evyrew Wed Jan 09, 2008 1:28 pm

I find Super Turbo to be incredibly difficult

I've had this problem also. Arcade games from this era were incredible difficult to keep us spending our quarters to play. I never really played SF2 until now, but it's a lot of fun in versus mode. From what I've heard, the SNES port dialed down the difficulty level, that might be why some people are saying that it's easy. The upcoming release of Super Street Fighter II HD Remix (yikes what a name) might address the issue of the difficulty level for those who have xbox live or PSN. I'm just hoping that they release a version of it to the PS2...

I found it interesting that the Capcom Classics Vol 2 has an 'instructional' video on playing SF2. It seems that they knew how difficult the game would be to newcomers. I just wish they would have brought down the AI a few knotches.
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Re: Street Fighter II Impossibly Difficult?

by Balasubbie Sun May 22, 2011 9:55 pm

Incredibly late to the debate, but best not to make a new thread. I found this video both incredibly boring and very interesting in one swoop. It relates to input lag amongst various versions of SSFIIT:
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Re: Street Fighter II Impossibly Difficult?

by J T Mon May 23, 2011 12:23 am

I love the AI on the SNES version because it is beatable, but still provides a challenge in the higher levels that doesn't feel like cheating.

I have the Capcom Classics collections, but I always play on the SNES instead. Now I'm curious to try it to see how hard it is.
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Re: Street Fighter II Impossibly Difficult?

by Balasubbie Mon May 23, 2011 12:45 am

At the risk of this reading glib and hyperbolic, just imagine a cross between Street Fighter II (obv) and sleep paralysis. You're aware of the source of your misery, yet oddly unable to rectify the situation.
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Re: Street Fighter II Impossibly Difficult?

by benderx Mon May 23, 2011 3:11 am

There is one street fighter 2 arcade game that was difficult to play with. I probably got through the 3rd player even on easiest difficulty. While I played through every other street fighter out there, I find those beatable. Now King of Fighters final boss battle are hard to beat, except for Mark of Wolves.
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Re: Street Fighter II Impossibly Difficult?

by d123456 Mon May 23, 2011 5:33 am

Balasubbie wrote:Incredibly late to the debate, but best not to make a new thread. I found this video both incredibly boring and very interesting in one swoop. It relates to input lag amongst various versions of SSFIIT:

What would happen if they tested ccc2 with 480p progressive scan enabled?
Also, the dc version is interlaced, could that have something to with the lag?
ps1 and arcade run at 240p. And why do these version even have lag?
What about the lag of a Super Famicom with SFII ww. with rgb scart on a crt tv? I used to play that and it was so very instantly fast. whatever you pressed, it happened right there on the screen.
Very interesting. Do you happen to have the link to the Shoryuken article? the link in the vid is broken.

Also a huge thread here about the difficulty of: ... turbo+hard
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Re: Street Fighter II Impossibly Difficult?

by wip3outguy7 Mon May 23, 2011 11:51 am

Hurezeanu, you haven't played Street Fighter II in awhile and the first version you stepped up to was Super Turbo?

It is common knowledge that Super Turbo's (SSF2X) AI is probably the toughest fighting game AI around... If you're getting you ass handed to you, don't feel bad. They based the AI on the top Street Fighter II players at that time. After the first or second opponent, the game is ruthless. Not only is it incredibly precognitive, but it cheats. Yep, zero charging for specials and button-press-fast supers (yes I know, every version of Street Fighter's AI does this). It's borderline SNK Boss Syndrome every match.

I rarely win against Super Turbo's AI playing a normal game. My single player sessions usually devolve into traps and exploits that wouldn't work against human opponents.

The AI in the Street Fighter Anniversary Collection is based on the Super Turbo AI. So good luck with that version as well.
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by AznKhmerBoi Mon May 23, 2011 4:10 pm

haha totally agree, i have it on my snes and i do play it alot. I do not really think its that tough just a little challenging, no where near the diffulty level of Mortal kombat 2 :wink:

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by RyaNtheSlayA Mon May 23, 2011 5:38 pm

Oraichu wrote:Most old school games are puneshing hard... and I like it. ;)

A lot of us retro gamers seem to be suffering a certain type masochism. :lol:
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by nightrnr Wed Nov 13, 2013 4:50 pm

RyanDG wrote:
Espio 1919 wrote:From what I have read the PSX/Saturn SF Collection ports are pretty faithful to the arcade version. The best available port right now would be the Sega Dreamcast version (Jpn. only) of the game, which was used as a blueprint for HD Remix. It was recently found that the port found on CCC vol. 2 has lag input problems, which pretty much ruins the game from a competitive standpoint.

Yeah - I've seen that over on Shoryuken. I think they were saying it has a 3 or 4 frame delay compared to the arcade version. That really screws things up a bit for players who are used to the arcade.

Yes, I am bumping an old thread (but would probably be scolded for not searching the topic, so double-damned there).

Was playing Super-Turbo on CCC2 (PS2 version) last night and was greatly annoyed. I simply cannot consistently do uppercut moves on this (F, D, D/F). So far, this is the only port that I have issues with. I can handle the AI, if I can only pull off moves when I need them.

I totally blame input lag on this. I am playing on a HDTV, but is an old 4:3 flat-tube hooked up via S-video. Input lag should not be an issue on the connection/TV end.

What's more, I had the Turbo setting on "0" to try and compensate (which is still kind of fast IMO), and sometimes the game would randomly speed up for no reason (which really messes up timing). Either poor emulation is at work here, or I need to change settings on OPL (yes, I put my game on the hard drive, but that shouldn't be the issue).

I was still able to beat the game, on easiest difficulty, with frequent character and tactics changes, a little profanity, and much patience. I feel like I did when I was still learning how to play (a bitter-sweet emotion).

For the record, I have no problems with the PS1 or Saturn versions of the game on Street Fighter Collection. Not sure about the Anniversary Collection on PS2/Xbox, as I only have the Xbox version and I suck with that controller anyways.
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