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got mother 3/eartbound 2 deluxe box today!

by grittykitty Thu Apr 20, 2006 1:24 pm

i ran really fast downtown and picked up my boxset that i reserved a few months back (and ended up being late for something really important!) but i got the game and the gameboy micro and WOW!

*** warning, spoiler alert for the nerds that don't want to hear anything about the game before they play***

ok, so the game starts out a lot like earthbound (mother 2) did. actually, there's a knocking at the door! (remember pokey knocking?) then your main character is in pajamas and his mother says "are you planning to go out dressed like that?" and of course you change into regular clothes (remember this too?) after playing around a bit with some dinosaurs and fighting a bug (a bug that acts really tough but is not... and suprisingly says "....aniki" right before leaving. "aniki" is a very yakuza-ish word meaning "bro" more or less). then the first real problem of the game is the forest catching on fire (more like some bio-terrorist looking guys are throwing firebombs all over the forest) and after a change of controlling characters (the cowboy, baby) you're off with a friend "following safely behind you" to stop the fire (sound like the burning meteor? and pokey following from "a safe distance"?)
as another plus, the game uses very few kanji characters and mostly hiragana and katakana (the easier to read phoenetic alphabet) and i was actually able to understand most of the dialogue so far. VERY VERY COOL
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by racketboy Thu Apr 20, 2006 2:01 pm

Congrats on the purchase!
I'd love to get a review from you sometime :)
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