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Which mode is more interesting in Resident Evil: Deadly Silence? Rebirth mode or Classic Mode?

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Resident Evil DS --- Classic

by Mega-Dan Sat Feb 11, 2006 2:37 am

I just got Resident Evil Deadly Silence, and the first thing I did was play classic mode. Yes I could have played the directors cut on my playstation..or even the remake on the gamecube (which ironically enough the guy bundled with my gamecube along with monkey ball and rebel assault, a heck of a bundle!), but the point is I can bring resident evil where ever I go...even if its ironically probably the worst portable game around since it punishes you for saving and doesnt have a sleep mode...but I still love it. Why they didnt get rid of the saving restriction is beyond me, its a portable, people are playing it while waiting for the bus, at least allow people to suspend playing!
But anyways that nit picking aside I love the game, I cant tell you anything about the rebirth mode, havent played, may never get around to it, all that matters Is I have a great classic game in portable format with excellent controls. Infact the controls are actually better than on the playstation, since you always have your knife, and the map is always on the top dual screen as is your health and ammo, which is a major gameplay improvement. Its just like playing it on the playstation except its portable, it even has all the movies, even though they look pretty crappy compared to the playstation version, they are obviously compressed pretty heavily and most are not even full screen, but who cares? Its on a cartridge for crying out loud, I cant believe I am playing resident evil on a cartridge! Mabey I should try out the Rebirth mode, or mabey I should just try to speed run through with Jill and let that stinking Enrico killing traitor Barry die, screw his wife and kids, they'll get his pension, and leave Chris behind to rot to save precious seconds.
It gets the best praise I can give a game, I got home tonight after a very long day of work, turned the game on and didnt turn it off until I beat the damned game. Thats a hell of a game, I drained my battery twice playing Resident Evil: Deadly silence, it doesnt get much better than that, its in that Advance Wars territory of causing me ignoring set bedtime schedules and play until I cant even think straight. After a while I was so tired I wasnt dodging zombies as much as walking right into them, I could hardly hit with auto aim on...but I kept playing anyways because thats the kinda game this is.
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by Niode Mon Feb 13, 2006 6:13 pm

I'm currently playing through the Rebirth mode with Chris. I couldn't get into the original back on the playstation. I've been tempted to get it again for the Saturn but never have. I thought i might as well get it for the DS as i've been waiting for an excuse to buy another DS game for a while. Release schedule in the UK is terrible. At least we get Metroid DS next month!

So far so good, it's really responsive, and that was my main gripe with the original!

It does have a sleep mode, It's sleeping right now as i type this. I keep going back to it.... I don't know what ya mean by it doesn't have a sleep mode...
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