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Re: New Game - Knights of al-Aqsa Mosque

Posted: Mon Aug 31, 2020 8:01 pm
by udkultimate
Due the political content of my game, the administrators of this forum decided to remove my thread, because it violates the forum guidelines.

I want to apologize for @marurun and any other member here if my posts here were offensive, it was not my intention.

I learned that covering some polemic topics in games, like religion and politics, can be very hard, as it mayhurt some people's feelings. However, I never wanted to promote hate of speech against any person, nor any group or religion, I just wanted to portrait the Israel x Palestine conflict through a different perspective.

I want to thank @marurun for allowing me to promote my game here, as it helped me too much. Here my game's thread reached more than 50K views!!!, something never reached on any other forum.

I will continue developing my game, because this is a long life dream of mine, however, in respect to this forum, I won't publish my game's updates here anymore.

However, for those who want to follow my game's development, just follow my game's profile here on ... qsa-mosque

Thanks for all the great time I spent here :D :D :D