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Franken-Fatale: R-rated Novel w/ Original 8-Bit Soundtrack!

by I Feel Asleep!! Sun Aug 19, 2018 6:55 pm

Hey! It's been awhile! Hope you are all doing super rad! I wrote a splatterpunk novel titled "Franken-Fatale", inspired by pop culture and the video games from my youth. Find it here on amazon:

https://www.amazon.com/Franken-Fatale-H ... 1388294591

And here, in all of its randomness, is a fully original Chiptune (8-Bit) soundtrack inspired by events from my novel, "Franken-Fatale". Listen to the full playlist on youtube here:
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2FNA4MV ... OpwnBNOWG9

Video games on the Nintendo Entertainment System helped define my childhood and the memorable music that accompanied these games continues to stick in my head to this day. Considering that "Franken-Fatale" is filled with parodies on modern society, a parody/ode to the games that helped inspire the novel just seemed to make sense. And honestly, it's just plain fun. Ha!

Most of the music was written by the talented musician, Amateur Crastinator! Seriously, he rocks. Follow him and check out more of his music here: https://amateurcrastinator.bandcamp.com/

Any songs credited to H.J Bennett were written by me. This is my first attempt at ever making music. I am beginner as hell but I had a lot of fun trying to express myself through a new creative outlet!

​Original "Franken-Fatale" cover art by artist, illustrator, and youtuber Joseph Dobbins (Joe Grotesque). Follow this talented artist here on his youtube channel: ​

Or on his Facebook for commissions: ​

As stated above, this entire soundtrack is uploaded onto YouTube. This is intended to promote my novel in a unique and interesting way that combines my love of art, fiction, video games, and music. Please share these videos with others and help promote the writer, the artist, and the musician behind them! <3
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