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Whale Rock Games
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by Whale Rock Games Mon Jan 15, 2018 12:12 pm

Hi there, RacketBoy!

Greetings from Whale Rock Games!

It’s been a long time since we first decided to start a devlog. Finally this idea came to live and we’re so excited to share our concepts with you guys.

Our first title We Are The Dwarves came out in 2016 and we were super excited to share our work with the community. However, we still had a lack of ways to communicate with players. So now we decided to become even closer and make a community-driven development.

So… Introducing our newest project - Deployment!

The game is a multiplayer online Top Down Shooter with unique Area Control Mechanics.

Deployment is set in an abstract highly technological future, where powerful fractions fight for the only remaining resource - power.

We’ve made a short video so you could understand better the whole concept:
Click to watch video!

You can see the game has quite a competitive focus.
Although the core mechanic is dominating the areas by controlling remote level mechanics, which we call Systems.

Player takes control over System by capturing the generator.
We’ve made a small gif to show you how sweet this thing works:

The next cool thing about the game is a Class System. The game has a variable Class System. Classes are designed with different play styles in mind. Player can expand class even more with the Upgrades System, Ability System and Weapon System, which were also designed with variety in mind.

We won’t be telling much about Classes, because we plan to launch a special post about them later. But, just to get a picture :)

By the way, here we made some screenshots of the game so you could take a closer look:




Forgot to mention.

Each level of the game is Procedurally Generated. So the battle experience would be quite unique every time which really cool.

More of that, you can Save your favourite map, “Like” it or even make your own with Level Editor to play with friends.

This all for now. But...


...And on social medias:
Indie DB
Mod DB
Game Jolt

So, TIME TO DEPLOY your comments, guys.
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Re: Deployment

by katastrophic88 Fri Feb 02, 2018 5:02 pm

This looks cool! I love the aesthetic and the color selection. The "click here to watch video" link doesn't work, but the trailer on your Steam page looks awesome.
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Re: Deployment

by bribrijean Thu Aug 30, 2018 2:08 pm

Love the unique design.
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