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The Last Horseman
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Looking For:Reproduction Cardboard Box Guide

by The Last Horseman Tue Jul 19, 2011 11:52 pm

I'm looking for a guide to make reproduction cardboard boxes for cartridge games. I am currently in need of N64 and all types of Gameboy boxes. I will try to update this thread if there are any more box types added that I want/gudes have been made/found for.

I'm looking for the following information:
-The best templates to use, and how to make these templates either using the Cover Project covers or another reliable source
-The type of paper that is used, and what size.
-Folding instructions
-Manual making and insert making guides

I know I'm asking a lot, but this is something that can be used by the whole racketboy and retro gaming community.
Systems: Game Boy, Game Boy Color, Game Boy Advance, N64, Gamecube, Xbox 360

WTB: Boxes for a silver Gamecube System(and a hyperport cover), and a box for an Ice Blue N64 console. Will pay 7.50 for each and shipping.
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