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Re: CRT, LCD, Video Inputs, Lightgun HD and More Guides

by CRTGAMER Sat Jul 08, 2017 10:15 pm

meat wrote:Any suggestion on a tv stand for sony trinitron? Hopefully new

Most new TV stands are based on LCD and LED flat screens. They are usually not designed to handle the weight of a CRT. A few will handle the weight, but they tend to be pricey since built for the design of expensive material, not the CRT weight. In addition, if the TV compartment is inside a wall unit the vertical to horizontal sizes will not match the 4:3 CRT or even a widescreen CRT. The geometry will be wrong with wasted air space inside the TV pocket.

A good source for CRT TV stands are Thrift stores. Look for solid wood such as oak with preferably an additional vertical center wall under the CRT shelf. You could modify a modern TV stand (if not a heavy duty unit) by adding a robust center vertical wall. Note that the vertical wall needs supported all the way down to the floor.
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