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Re: Best Need for Speed? (1994-2008)

by casterofdreams Sun Jun 18, 2017 6:19 pm

I've enjoyed Hot Pursuit 2 on the Cube back in the day. It was fun and liked the sense of speed. Most Wanted (2005) is by far the best IMO within the time slots you noted, followed by the Underground series, back when Fast and Furious was all the rage.

[Outside of the scope but I wanted to mention that if we took the series as a whole, the two Shift games would be my top, follwed by the games mentioned above.]
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Re: Best Need for Speed? (1994-2008)

by CRTGAMER Mon Jun 19, 2017 1:09 am

o.pwuaioc wrote:What's the best Need for Speed game from the PS2-era (so including Undercover and Pro Street, which got PS2 releases) and earlier? Do the originals hold up? I never played anything after Underground 1, should I? What are the basic differences among the good ones? Any definitely worth avoiding?

I understand that later entries are better, but for those without a 360 or later, what would you recommend them play?
casterofdreams wrote:I've enjoyed Hot Pursuit 2 on the Cube back in the day. It was fun and liked the sense of speed.

Need For Speed Hot Pursuit 2 best with exclusive PS2 game play coding, the same game on all other consoles not as well done.

Scroll down to the Need Speed section at the link:

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