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Re: XCOM 2 thread of the game

by noiseredux Tue Oct 02, 2018 3:36 pm

oh baby

The Tactical Legacy Pack is a supply drop of story missions, remastered maps, and new modes celebrating XCOM’s history. It’s available on October 9, and it’ll be free—for a couple months, anyway. It includes a series of Legacy Ops, which tell the story of how XCOM 2's ragtag resistance emerged during the time period between XCOM: Enemy Unknown and XCOM 2, and it introduces new weapons and armor, new customization options, an offline challenge mode, and a soundtrack selector that includes a new score inspired by the original X-COM: UFO Defense.

The new DLC also adds a long-requested feature in the form of a map editor, which comes as part of a new skirmish mode. The editor, says Firaxis, will let you modify the “map, squad loadouts, objective, enemies, and more.”


The lead offering is a new game mode called Legacy Ops, stand-alone missions created to bridge the narrative gap between Firaxis’ original reboot and XCOM 2. They include the following:

Blast from the Past – After the fall of XCOM HQ, Central Officer Bradford begins his journey to build the resistance by returning to where it all began.

It Came from the Sea – The broadcast of a fledgling radio DJ is reaching an audience he didn’t intend. It’s up to Central to save the DJ from an endless horde of hungry listeners.

Avenger Assemble – Join Lily Shen as she works to retrofit the Avenger into a new home for the growing forces of a reinvigorated XCOM.

The Lazarus Project – ADVENT is kidnapping key members of the resistance, and it’s up to Central to rescue some of XCOM’s most renowned operatives.
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