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Nintendo N64 clock - I made it

by bacteria Sat May 28, 2016 11:23 am

I had seen a similar one made a while back, however improved on the design somewhat from what I saw.

If anyone wants one from this forum, I would be happy to do one for you for reduced price of £30 + postage (the original listing of £49.99 included UK postage of £3.85); however would need you to also post me the console shell for what you want doing - Xbox, N64, SNES, NES, CoreGrafx, Megardrive, etc etc. I plan on doing a SNES one soon and listing that on ebay too.

Here is the ebay listing link: http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/-/331867092398?

Ebay details, which gives idea of how it was made:

This is a non-working N64 console. I used the insides for a modding project, to improved on the original system, then had the case left over. I would have thrown it away however saw a couple of photos where others had incorporated a clock into the console case.

There are improvements to this model and took longer to build than the example would have taken I saw due to locating the clock mechanism being more central in the casing. This meant I had to trim a fair bit off the casing from the clock mechanism and also remove a fair bit of the internal plastic from the console to ensure the clock mechanism was elevated enough. Took about 4 hours labour to make this. Had to therefore take a view on the cost of my modding time in the listing price...

I have also incorporated a (what I think) is a clever feature - open up the cartridge holder slot and you can replace the AA battery! Neat!

System does not include AA battery (can't post items with a battery these days).

Case has three screw holes in the back for easy mounting to a wall even by one nail. I retained the original controller ports in place too.

To change the time, just rotate the hands, no need to open the console casing, which is just as well as I have used the original hex screws to secure the casing together it came with. I have manually moved the hands of such clock mechanisms for years now, no issue.

This is a "one of a kind" item as is not mass produced, so if I make another one it will be slightly different.

Recycling at its best!

I was going to paint the minute and hour hands however when sanded the black painted hands, felt the metal and matt black effect looked stylish, so left it like that. Looks less of a "toy" and more of something in keeping.

Clock hands will be removed so won't get damaged in the post, just push them into place, insert battery, put nail in your wall; job done!






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Re: Nintendo N64 clock - I made it

by Tanooki Sat May 28, 2016 8:09 pm

Love it. Very wise and sneaky move there with the battery going into the cartridge slot. It has been probably 3 years now I think but I did something very similar with the same basic Michael's/hobby store like kit to a Back to the Future II/III cart. Popped the back off, tunneled through the central screw post and attached the clock face through there. The original board is in there too but a tiny bit had to be shaved off so it's toast.

I won't cramp your style here, but if you're curious: http://i232.photobucket.com/albums/ee16 ... aab223.jpg
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