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29 NES Game lot on Ebay - ENDS 21 JULY - 8:24pm EDT.

by mandaluuu Sat Jul 20, 2013 11:41 pm

View the auction here:


29 Nes Games for sale on Ebay.
We bought these a few months ago as part of a larger lot and these are the duplicates of what we already have in our collection. There's 29 games, 31 Dust Covers (8 Licensed and 23 Generic), and 25 manuals. We're really hoping someone will get these and be able to add to their collection like we have been able to. There's some yellowing on the tops of the carts but the stickers are almost all in great shape. Check out our description for all cart conditions! Tons of pictures. :)

Legendary Wings (manual included),
StarTropics (manual included),
Bases Loaded (manual included),
Fighting Golf (NO MANUAL),
Super Mario Bros. 2 (manual included),
Iron Sword Wizards and Warriors 2 (manual included),
Top gun (manual included),
10 Yard Fight (manual included 5 Screw),
Operation Wolf (manual included),
A Boy and his Blob (NO MANUAL, name carved in back and magnetic strip sticker on back),
Black Bass (manual included),
Golf (manual included),
Baseball Stars (NO MANUAL),
Super Mario Bros. 3 (manual included),
Chessmaster (manual included),
Mario Bros. Duck Hunt (manual included),
Cybernoid (manual included),
Super Pitfall (manual included),
High Speed (manual included),
Baseball (manual included),
Breakthru (manual included 5 Screw),
Sidepocket (manual included),
Ice Hockey (manual included),
The Terminator (manual included writing on back of cart),
Wrecking Crew (NO MANUAL),
Rad Racer (manual included),
Wheel of Fortune (manual included),
Dragon Warrior (manual included),
Dragon Warrior 2 (manual included; Map is really rough).
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