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Re: Ebay is killing the hobby

by alienjesus Sun Jan 12, 2014 8:09 am

Sload Soap wrote:The shop in Afflecks is indeed the one I'm referring to. There is also Entertainment Trader opposite the Arndale fish market that looks like a rip-off of CEX from the outside, but sells old vinyl, guitars, DVDs, TVs, laptops and some retro games. I find ET to be better for proper bargins than Afflecks, though the manager has gotten cannier recently and uses ebay as a reference.

This isn't to say I don't buy anything from either and I will always buy from Afflecks if the price is equal to or within a few quid than ebay. I also got a few saturn accessories cheap there like an official Saturn wheel for £6. So it's definitely worth a visit.

alienjesus wrote:Same if you know of a decent one in or around London or Leicester. I've found 2, 1 is very overpriced and one is OK, but still a little more than eBay on most occasions.

Does the store in London have a greater variety of systems and games than Afflecks? Like I say, I've never seen a Turbo in a store.

Last time I went in they had a Virtual Boy, Vectrex and someother obscure stuff there. The prices on them were about double what they were actually worth though.

They have an amazing selection of stuff, its just far too high a mark up to be worth it for me.

They're called RetroGameBase. They're on eBay too.

The more reasonable one is called Retro Station, and it's in Sutton Coldfield near Birmingham. They're on Facebook, his prices are reasonable, if a bit higher than eBay, and he's happy to post stuff to you.
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Re: Ebay is killing the hobby

by RacingGamer5000 Sat Jan 18, 2014 3:16 pm

Prices depend on the platform. I easily built up my Genesis & Playstation game libraries pretty cheap. Vast majority of the games I was looking for were pretty common and not hard to find. I think most I paid for a Playstation game was Raiden Project, which was $40 on eBay.

Anyone here collect 3do games? I'm glad I built my collection years back, prices are going up. The auctions that contain multiple games are fetching pretty good money even if most of the titles are garbage. If anyone is looking for the complete set of Woody Woodpecker Video Collection (All 3 Volumes). Someone is asking over $3,500 for the complete set of 3 discs. That's insane! A complete copy of Lucienne's Quest, $450. A copy with only the jewel case, $270. Looking at the sold listings prices range from over $200 to over $500 for that game!
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