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Re: Toys 'R US clearance sale May 2014

by flojocabron Sat Jul 26, 2014 10:48 pm

GOOD NEWS EVERYONE! And some Not so good news.

Toys R us Now has 85% off on videogames. But the selection may not be as good as it was a few months ago. Many movies are also at a good discount.

I havent had a chance in a couple of weeks to go to my local store, but now that I went, I got some good things!

I'm kinda kicking myself, because the last time I went they had the starwars collection on Bluray for a good price, and now with it being 75%+ off, the two copies they had left were gone! damn :(

But maybe you will get lucky? Dont be afraid to go back and search for some cheap goodies.

Now for the Not so good news. According to the clerk. the Clearance sale will end in Around the 3rd of August. Thats on a sunday. I'm not sure what will happen to the merchandise after that. Will it get returned to their warehouses or will it go back to regular price? I dont know.

So GO!

meanwhile, have a look at the finds of the day thread so you can see what I got!
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Re: Toys 'R US clearance sale May 2014

by cha cha Sun Jul 27, 2014 9:44 am

I posted this months ago in one of the deals threads, when there was way better stuff still around :lol: Oh well.

Not only did I get a ton of games, but they also have leftover electronics like cameras and GPS units from their Black Friday sales, that are also marked 70% off. I doubt much of it is left by now, this sale has been going on since Memorial day and most of the green/blue tag stuff was dropped to 70% off by June.

Make sure you check their DVD sections too, they have like whole seasons of 90's cartoons and good classic cartoon movies marked all the way down to like $1-3 in most cases.
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