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Walmart clearance on select titles (Dissidia 2 for $5)

by cha cha Mon Mar 10, 2014 2:05 pm

Hello all, I am not sure if this is just regional but in my area I have confirmed at least 5 Walmarts appear to be having the same Clearance sales.

Typically it's held near the front of the retail side of the store, a bunch of 3-tier shelves are set up with what appears to be random holiday/made for TV junk on them.

But there are a bunch of titles for $5-10, hidden in the junk piles. Most of them are complete junk and shovelware though.

I found FF Dissidia 2 at several of the locations, all marked $5. Other titles ranged from $5-10 and from what I jotted down were:

300: March to Glory
Lego Harry Potter
WWE All Stars
Tron Evolution
Michael Jackson the Experience
Iron Man 2
- a bunch of crappy sports games (soccer/basketball mainly)

Fuze- $10
Infamous- $10
- bunch of sports crap

nothing but Gameshow/childeren's show based games- $5-10

same as DS

Sorry I don't have more solid details. But Dissidia 2 for $5 seemed pretty great to me and figured people around here would wanna know. Anyone else has more detailed info on why certain titles are on clearance and others aren't please lmk!

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Re: Walmart clearance on select titles (Dissidia 2 for $5)

by BoringSupreez Mon Mar 10, 2014 2:11 pm

cha cha wrote:Anyone else has more detailed info on why certain titles are on clearance and others aren't please lmk!

Most likely, it's because of how many copies of those games Walmarts have sitting in the back compared to games that are less shovelware-y. Mine always had between one and two completely full shopping carts worth of those kinds of titles sitting in the back, while our stock of the better games would consist of very little besides what was out on the store floor.
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