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Re: Walmart online PSP games

by Fragems Sun Mar 02, 2014 2:16 am

TheSegaSaturnGuy wrote:
Fragems wrote:Walmart was a complete bust there were no deals to be found whatsoever in their game department :P. Preowned copies of those burger king promotional games were higher then $10 and there weren't any deal piles like they have sometimes.

K-mart was also kind of a bust with mostly shovelware left behind most of which was still around $10 although they did have plenty of copies of Loco Roco and Patapon 1 & 3 for $5 a piece.

However I did find another great sale going on apparently big lots is doing %50 off all their game inventory.

Here are the deals I picked up
Namco Museum DS- $6.44
Midway Arcade Origins(PS3)- $9.44
Shinobi(3DS)- $5
Binary Domain(360)- $5
Mortal Kombat Komplete Edition(360)- $9.44
Kirby's Epic Yarn(Wii)- $6.44
Ivy The Kiwi?(Wii)- $5.00

I hope big lots is still running this sale on a few days when my tax return comes in. I would snag Shinobi up in a second for 5 bucks!

Made a thread about it with a list of all the prices I could find online. All of my local stores have pretty much dried up now though :P. They are pretty much running the sale until nothing is left.
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