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100+ game JP / PAL SAT Lot (Deppy, Taromaru, Saga, Drac X)

by mjmjr25 Fri Dec 13, 2013 9:04 pm


This wasn't in the plans, but it has a couple games i'm very interested in. I can't afford the whole thing on my own right now, but i'm wondering if there are a couple trusted buds who might be interested in going quarters or quints on it. ... ost3659609

With bundle price, pp fees, and shipping from UK to US, it's looking like:
$350/ea with 4 people
$280/ea with 5 people

Post or PM if interested.

I've done this a few times w/some of you on this site, so i'm sure we'll find an agreeable way to sort it out.

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Re: Consolized ATOMISWAVE for sale - $275 (crazy price)

by mjmjr25 Sun Dec 15, 2013 2:40 am

This (atomiswave) sold about 2 hours after I started this thread - so adding another crazy price on another thing I already own. Maybe one of you can benefit. Same deal, if not a member on shmups, I can pm on yr behalf if you'd like.
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Re: EspRaDe PCB (on shmups) - $200 ($60-75 under market)

by storino03 Sun Dec 15, 2013 4:47 am

what's the minor issue?
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Re: EspRaDe PCB (on shmups) - $200 ($60-75 under market)

by dunpeal2064 Sun Dec 15, 2013 4:59 am

guy on shmups wrote:ESP ra. de. pcb $200
-If the attract mode is left running after the first few cycles, a small portion of the cave logo will flash a few times during the "presented by cave" announcement. This does not affect gameplay at all, and other than that the game works flawlessly. I'm listing this for roughly $50 under market value because of this.
-international version pcb, but I can burn japan region eproms if desired.

Re: Martial Masters - PGM Fighter ($75 to yr door)

by mjmjr25 Mon Dec 16, 2013 10:16 pm

New item - i'm involved in this one. Basically if you get in on my order you can save like $5-10 off of the price if you were to get it yourself. A label is guaranteed...condition of the label, w/all PGM carts, is...going to be good at best.
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Re: Martial Masters - PGM Fighter ($75 to yr door)

by KalessinDB Tue Dec 17, 2013 7:11 am

I am both thrilled and crushed that I missed the consolized system from the first post. I love hardware so I kinda want to get consolized arcade systems, but I really don't want to start tumbling down that rabbit hole, god knows I spend enough money on US home consoles, which is what my current collection is (mostly) limited to.
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Re: 100+ game JP / PAL SAT Lot (Deppy, Taromaru, Saga, Drac

by mjmjr25 Sun Jan 26, 2014 9:32 pm

bump, see OP
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Re: 100+ game JP / PAL SAT Lot (Deppy, Taromaru, Saga, Drac

by Hobie-wan Sun Jan 26, 2014 10:07 pm

Can't see the post without signing up for the forum. So you might want to post details for those of us who don't want to sign up.

Re: 100+ game JP / PAL SAT Lot (Deppy, Taromaru, Saga, Drac

by mjmjr25 Sun Jan 26, 2014 10:20 pm

I didn't know you had to be on neo to view...they always have unregistered users browsing, perhaps the marketplace is different.

Here it is:
Strikers 1945 – jpn 2nd
.Lupin the 3rd ~Pyramid no Kenja – jpn new
.Lupin the 3rd chronicles jpn 2nd
.Angrisser 3 jpn 2nd
.2 X Blue seed jpn 2nd
.Lunar 2 eternal blue jpn 2nd
. Idol Janshi Suchie-Pai Mecha Genteiban: Hatsubai 5 Shuunen (Toku) Package
. martian successor nadesico jpn 2nd
. Princess maker 2 jpn 2nd
. Strahl jpn 2nd
.Iron man x-o majowar in heavy metal jpn 2nd
.Victory goal jpn 2nd
. Radiant silver gun
.Impact racing jpn 2nd
. After burner 2 jpn 2nd
. 2 X Gulliver boy jpn 2nd
.Alone in the dark 2 jpn 2nd
. Saburo jinguji At the End of the Dream
. Waialae no Kiseki: Extra 36 Holes
. Magical hoppers jpn new
. krazy ivan jpn new
.Touge king the spirits jpn 2nd
.Die hard arcade jpn 2nd
. Neon genesis evangelion jpn 2nd
.Virtual open tennis jpn 2nd
. Shin Megami Tensei: Devil Summoner jpn 2nd
. Shinsetsu Yumemi Yakata ~Tobira no Oku ni Dareka
. Ruriiro no Yuki (Shokai Gentei!! Original Hologram Seal-tsuki)
.Dark hunter jpn new
. Those who hunt elves 2 jpn 2nd
.Machi jpn 2nd
The house of the dead jpn 2nd
.Dead or alive jpn 2nd
. Doukoku Soshite... Final Edition jpn 2nd
.Yuno with mouse jpn 2nd
.Death mask jpn 2nd
.Samurai shodown 3 jpn new
.Anarchy in the Nippon jpn new
.virus jpn 2nd
.Valhollian jpn 2nd
.Virtual kyotei 2
.The blank of 3 years with music CD jpn 2nd
.Landrisser end of legend jpn 2nd
Thunder force V special pack jpn 2nd
. Slayers royal
.Mobile suit gundam Gihren no Yabou jpn 2nd
.Mobile suit Gundam Gihren no Yabou Kouryaku Shireisho jpn 2nd hand
.Magic knight rayearth 2nd jpn
.Refrain love with CD jpn 2nd
. Neon genesis evangelion Iron maiden jpn 2nd
.Assault suit leynos 2 jpn 2nd
.Shining force 3 act 3 jpn 2nd
.Initial D jpn 2nd
.Daiundoukai jpn 2nd
. Neon genesis evangelion 2nd impression jpn 2nd
.Sword and sorcery
. Tenchimuyo tokomuyo jpn 2nd
.Kunoichi torimonocho jpn 2nd
.Gekkamungentan torico jpn 2nd
.Tokimeki memorial selection jpn 2nd
.Jun classic CC & Rope club jpn 2nd
. Elf wo Karu Monotachi, those hunt elves jpn 2nd
.Digital ange dennoutensi spiral story jpn 2nd
.Saturn bomber man jpn 2nd
. Saturn Bomberman for SegaNet jpn 2nd
.Tryrush deppy jpn 2nd
.Steeldom jpn 2nd
. Dragon Ball Z Idainaru Dragon Ball Densetsu jpn 2nd
.Nights jpn 2Nd
. Kekkon Zenya Jpn 2nd
.Lunar silver story jpn 2nd
.Tokimeki memorial forever with you
. Koden Koureijutsu Hyaku Monogatari jpn 2nd
.Panzer dragon zwei jpn 2nd
.Tenchi muyo ryoohki Gouraku jpn 2nd
. Phantasy star collection jpn 2nd
.Policenauts jpn 2nd
.Deadalus jpn 2nd
.Virtua fighter remix
.Steamgear mash jpn 2nd
.El-hazard the magnificent world jpn 2nd
. Darius II jpn 2nd
.Mobile suit gundam Kidou Senshi 2nd jpn
. Gekirindan time travel shooting 2nd jpn
. Kingdom GrandPrix jpn 2nd
.Magical girl pretty samy jpn 2nd
.Fighters vipers jpn new but plastic little torn jpn 2nd
. Panic Chan with goodies jpn new
.Super adventure rockman jpn 2nd
.Rig lord saga jpn 2nd
.Sonic wings special with music CD jpn 2nd
. Legend of Heroes 3 ~Prophecy of the Moonlight Witch jpn new
.Wakuwaku puyopuyo dungeon jpn new
.Touge king of spirits 2
. jintou Monogatari R ~Futari no Love Love Island jpn 2nd
.Sakura wars 2 jpn 2nd
.Battle monters 2 jpn 2nd
. Suiko Enbu 2 (Alt) / Outlaws of the Lost Dynasty jpn 2nd
.Deep fear jpn 2nd
.Pebble beach golf, Craig stadler challenge jpn 2nd
. Psychic Killer Taromaru jpn 2nd
.Sky target jpn 2nd
. Maria ~Kimitachi ga Umareta Wake jpn 2nd
. Minton Keibu no Sousa File Doukeshi Satsujin Jiken jpn new
.Shining force 3 act jpn new
. Virtua fighter collection
2 x Akira 2nd
Sarah 2nd
Wolf new
Kage new
.Dungeons and dragons jpn 2nd
.Castlevania, Akumajou Dracula X ~Gekka no Yasoukyoku jpn new
.Sonic 3d blast US 2nd
.story of thor 2 PAL 2nd
Myst PAL 2nd
Sonic jam PAL 2nd
Shining the Holy ark PAL 2nd
Nights into dreams PAL 2nd
Golden axe duel PAL 2nd
Panzer Dragoon SAGA PAL 2nd
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Re: 100+ game JP / PAL SAT Lot (Deppy, Taromaru, Saga, Drac

by aaron Mon Jan 27, 2014 9:34 am

i'm sort of interested but there's only a small number of games (like ~10) on that list i'd like to get. i miss collecting saturn stuff (everything but the price, at least). i dunno, though. lemme know if others wanna jump in. he has a lot of good stuff but there's a bunch of filler garbage in there, too.
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