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Re: Racketboy & The Forum At the Arcade

by Anapan Thu Apr 25, 2013 6:31 am

Dsheinem's the obvious choice; Necessary to make it happen (duh). Who else is gonna say the disclaimer and keep the conversation going...
Yeah, I'll make some choices - a dream podcast cast for this idea;

If possible I'd love to have Steve Cartwright let us know that he thinks of some current-gen games. I'm nominating my hero here (he did it once, why not again?). I would love to have him tell us what he thinks of the current (but in this instance retro) games.

I'd also like to hear Satoshimatrix on some general chat about current (now retro) games.

Since he asked (JK) I'll vote for General_Norris to use a voice-changer program and play as HenryGik, and keep it intersting. I know there's a script but improvization will keep this podcast centered - or if too centered sidestep into fun...

I'll add in someone from Great Britian/United Kingdom - Niode?
Seriously - quoting some stand-up comedy "Cocoa - It comes from coconuts - they cut them in half - leave them in the sun, it turns brown, scoop it out, and there - you have cocoa"
In that accent - I believe it! If someone told full lies culled off of Gamefaqs about our current-gen games prentending to have played them but never did, I'd really think they were telling the truth - instant win if done in the british standard stoic humor that makes their comedy great.

My (almost sober) ideas.
I would like to see this come to fruition. My voice is so annoying (IMO) that I'm a bad choice, but I'd totally do it if asked - have mics and a digital sound system but I don't recommend myself - deadpan.
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