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Re: These photos...controversy?

by Key-Glyph Sun Feb 24, 2013 1:35 pm

I think these photos are hilarious. The intense look on the redhead's face in pictures #1 and #10 is priceless.

It was obviously made mostly for fun, but I see it as lighthearted and smart commentary at the same time. A string of pictures with attractive geek girls doing generally unattractive, real-world things (stuffing their faces with pizza and cheetos, lounging around in crappy pajamas, and so on) is a funny spin on what's often seen around the internet, which is attractive geek girls being photographed as vacant, motiveless eye candy (posing nude in a sea of controllers, etcetera). To let the subjects exude actual personality that goes beyond simply what they're wearing during the photoshoot, and to make that part of what's pleasant to look at, is not as common as one might like. That goes for glamor shots of men, too.
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