The Philosophy, Art, and Social Influence of games
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Re: Experiencing games differently at different times

by Gamerforlife Tue May 28, 2013 2:04 am

I like playing at night too. It's quiet and nobody bothers me. Lately, I am doing a lot of handheld gaming on my 3DS. Plus I have a Vita coming in the mail soon. It's nice to just sit in a comfortable bed with a handheld and do some gaming, and I have a night table with a laptop nearby if I feel like posting here, reading a faq, going on facebook, etc.
RyaNtheSlayA wrote:
Seriously. Screw you Shao Kahn I'm gonna play Animal Crossing.
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Re: Experiencing games differently at different times

by floattube Fri Jun 07, 2013 2:30 pm

I like to play any Animal Crossing games during the summer, probably because the absence of school. It helps pass the time.
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