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Re: Flashback Origins (Flashback HD remake) XBLA | PSN | Ste

by thegentleman Tue Mar 26, 2013 1:29 am

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Re: Flashback Origins (Flashback HD remake) XBLA | PSN | Ste

by Tweekers237 Tue Jul 09, 2013 2:59 pm

definitely getting this demo ASAP. My girl has work all weekend and the kid is at the grandparents.

:D :D :D
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Re: Flashback Origins (Flashback HD remake) XBLA | PSN | Ste

by Ghegs Wed Aug 21, 2013 10:27 am

The demo's out on XBLA now and I just gave it a whirl.

I'm...a bit disappointed. The controls are switched around a bit, and you aim with the right analog stick and shoot with right trigger, FPS style. Kind of gives the game a whole different feeling right there. Also, Conrad now gets experience from killing enemies, does Level Ups and can spend points on some stuff and improve his stats in other ways as well. The original game didn't need these so I'm not sure why they decided to implement them here. I guess the developers think every modern game must have some RPG-esque elements to it.

The voice acting sounds pretty amateurish. I spotted some funny animation bugs as well, if you walk down a ledge while aiming, you stay in the walking/aiming animation the whole way down. The trial is pretty short and ends when you meet the guy who'll supply you with the anti-grav belt. Come to think of it, this game doesn't have money so I wonder how they changed that part. Some of the puzzles have been changed, there are no rocks laying round, so instead of throwing one to fool the elevator to come down, you shoot down a fruit that does the trick. And it's an explosive fruit you can then pick up and use in other ways.

I don't think I'll be buying the game just yet. Maybe if I hear good things about it, or it ends up on sale. On the other hand, the original 1992 game comes included (not in the demo, though), so that might be worth the price alone. But I'm still hoping GOG will get the original eventually.
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