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Rpg: Demon's Revenge

by trexrell Fri Sep 14, 2012 8:25 pm

I am part of a small team developing an old school RPG called Demon's Revenge. We are looking for some feedback and support so let me know what you think. Here is some early gameplay.



If you like what you see and want to know more let me know. We have a demo coming real soon!
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Re: Rpg: Demon's Revenge

by Yancakes Tue Sep 18, 2012 9:05 pm

At work so I can't watch the video yet, but who's idea were the nips and cameltoe on your protagonist there?
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Re: Rpg: Demon's Revenge

by shmuk Wed Oct 03, 2012 1:21 pm

Definitely looks interesting. I like the way it looks, having an old style of animation, but using the processing power we have today to keep it all fluid. However, you're going to have to say a bit more about the game if you want us to give a better opinion =P
- Shmuk Lidooha
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Re: Rpg: Demon's Revenge

by Erik_Twice Wed Oct 03, 2012 1:30 pm

Yancakes wrote:At work so I can't watch the video yet, but who's idea were the nips and cameltoe on your protagonist there?

She's so ripped she also has muscles there :lol:
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Re: Rpg: Demon's Revenge

by trexrell Tue Oct 16, 2012 10:53 am

Back Story:

The Three Planets

In a deep dark corner of the universe, there's a small galaxy consisting of very few planets. Most notable are three planets, which sit in the middle of the solar system. In the middle of these three planets lies a small planet named Hasphal. Above Hasphal is a large robust planet called Dagmedok which legend says a powerful race of supernatural beings with vast technology exists. They say that these beings watch over the planet of Hasphal. And just below it is a planet closest to the sun... A dark eerie looking planet called Remerin, where the hasphalians say the land is filled with flames.

Main Story :

Sen is a rough young woman, not really too smart, but very sarcastic. She has been through a lot during her life. As a child, for years, all she can remember was being in a chamber having needles stuck in her, striking painful sensations, and blurred visions of a woman. It finally ended one day when she woke up in a nice house at the age of 6. She had a brother, and parents, a nice bed to sleep in, she was enrolled in a school, and had a good friend. Was it all just a crazy nightmare?

This somewhat good life went on for a long time until one day, at the age of 14, on her way to the park from school, she was kidnapped. Again, these terrible feelings, the same blurred visions.... It wasn't a nightmare. After a few days of torture, she was thrown on the side of her house where her brother found her. But she was different... Cold.... Not the same Sen he grew up with. He asked her questions, "where were you?" "what's going on?" "what happened to your eyes?" All she could say was "leave me alone." He noticed her voice wasn't the same. He backed off, but he cared too much to just sit by and watch his sister go through this hard time alone. He made the terrible mistake of trying to comfort her. He touched her shoulder and she turned around to face him. Her eyes, golden.

She blacks out.

When she comes to, she sees her brother lying in a pool of water. Pale as if he'd drowned. Had she done this? She heard her mom rushing to the room and climbed out of the window. She knew they would blame her. "That DEMON!" she hears her mom say in agony as she's running into the woods.

For years all she could do was run, kill, and hide. She ends up finding a shack in a relatively quiet area. Nobody could find her there. She makes a home for herself and lives there.

A couple of years later, it appears as if the ridders have found her. She begins getting knocks on the door, death threats, and battles. This goes on until the present. She is now 23 years old. She finally gets sick of it. Losing all hope and grip on humanity, she vows to become the monster everyone wants her to be.... Until one day an unprepared demon ridder named Jagen sees more in her heart than she thought she had left.

Features :

Nobody is useless.

I like games like Chrono Cross, Suikoden, Final Fantasies , etc, but they have characters that are less than desirable to have in your party because you just don’t care about them, or there’s other people that can do the same exact thing that they can do. Demon’s Revenge makes it a point to make everyone have their own unique skillset. Nobody will be easily replaceable and it will require strategy during battle when it comes to skills and stats.

Environment Interaction.

During battle, there will be ways to gain the advantage by using things in the environment, such as cutting down trees to fall on the enemy, or knocking down pillars to block the enemy from physically attacking you (Unless they do magic or fly) to turn the tides against them, but be warned, enemies can use this to their advantage as well!

Living NPCs.

NPCs have their own lives, jobs, families. They are aware of what is going on in the world and will make it clear to you throughout the game.

Motion Comic Like Animation.

If you've ever seen a motion comic, you'll know that they are awesome! We will be telling our story with plenty of motion comics for you to enjoy along the way.

Did you die?

Nobody likes to go into a boss fight with a half hour cutscene just to die and have to sit through it again. Which is why we are adding a retry button to battles. With this retry button, depending on the difficulty that you choose, you will be able to start the battle over again with full stats (HP and MP on easy) or with the same exact stats that you had when you first entered the battle.

Full Sized Battlers.

Screw all that chibi and cutesy stuff, we are going for the style of fighting game quality sprites for our battlers. These take much longer to complete, but the end product is totally worth it and extremely rewarding to see in action.

And here is our 1st part of the Demo.

https://www.dropbox.com/s/d0o12hyl87dwh ... 20Demo.exe
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Re: Rpg: Demon's Revenge

by Retronomy Tue Mar 05, 2013 5:20 pm

Keep it up, OP. I'd probably buy something like this if I saw it on steam or gog. I really like the spritework you've got here, although I'm not really a fan of the drawn artwork you have going on near the beginning and end. Some lessons in anatomy might help.
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Re: Rpg: Demon's Revenge

by trexrell Mon Jul 29, 2013 1:01 am

Hello again everyone, we have been at work taking in the feedback that we have received last year on our demo and presentation. A bunch of time has been put into maintaining and refining the quality of gameplay and production values. We acknowledged a lot of what we got right and wrong and put our best foot forward into making everything better. A bunch of work has been put into making the game even more dynamic and animated than previously. We really strive to make something unique and engaging and most of all a lot of fun.

Upgraded Tiles
Dynamic Lighting

And upgraded the battlers with a new color scheme. More animations and better transitions.

So yeah... progress.
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