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The Axiom I - A "Modern Retro Game Console" in Progress

by Czernobog Wed Nov 23, 2011 1:42 pm

Don't know if anyone here has heard much about this, tried doing a search and couldn't find anything. It's a console being built from the ground up for developers to create 8bit/16bit games with features of modern consoles such as online interactivity. It's being developed in and for the UK, but they have mentioned an interest in also making it work for NTSC regions. Although the idea is still really young, check out this interview for a ton of info on what the guys behind it want to create:

http://www.oldschooljunkie.com/2011/11/ ... e-console/
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Re: The Axiom I - A "Modern Retro Game Console" in Progress

by SGGG2 Mon Dec 19, 2011 1:28 am

If this has ANY chance of succeeding they're going to have to change that frankly terrible design. (And they're going to have to find someone to do it) It's a cheap chinese clone. First and foremost, it *needs* to feel like a real console -- an optional faux-cartridge/SD adapter would help capture the experience and allow for "real" carts to be produced.

They could do a 16-Bit design, or push something close to 32 -- they could go the PiMP route with UV reactive acrylic casing ala PC modders or something crazy along the custom arcade cases and stand alone joysticks found over @ Shoryuken's Tech Talk, perhaps something designed after Japans candy cabs... just some ideas...

EDIT: And the controller needs to be as good as they can make it, the bar is the Sega Saturn pad...
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