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Guardian Legends coming to XBLA

by sbk Thu Sep 08, 2011 12:48 am

http://www.gamepro.com/article/news/222 ... ctober-12/

Thoughts? Honestly I am really excited about it.
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Re: Guardian Legends coming to XBLA

by Rurouni_Fencer Thu Sep 08, 2011 12:56 am

You really had me excited...

..until I saw it wasn't a run n' gun/shmup! :lol:
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Re: Guardian Legends coming to XBLA

by KingDavid73 Tue Oct 11, 2011 1:54 pm

I am extremely excited. I can't wait to play through this game again. I have it for the Saturn, and have played through many times, but playing online w/ friends for $10 is going to be great!
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