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Re: Best Arcade/Bar

by wip3outguy7 Sun Jun 20, 2010 7:47 pm

Yeah, I'm not sure if I'd want to open up a barcade. If things don't go right, you could end up with the wrong kind of clientele. Plus you have to worry about liquor licensing, etc.

I've often though of trying a coffee shop arcade, though.
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Re: Best Arcade/Bar

by skorpio Tue Jun 22, 2010 5:44 pm

I live in Ireland, and Perks in Youghal, Co. Cork is widely regarded as the best arcade in the country. However, most of the cabinets are 90's games. Virtua Fighter, Time Crisis, Daytona USA, Sega Rally, Tekken, even CyberCycles!
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Re: Best Arcade/Bar

by Pabstblueribbon Thu Jun 24, 2010 8:16 pm

Turns out there is a place that has a bar and arcade...AND does local shows, my band played there. they had only a handful of machines, one with like 20-30 games on it, pac man, tekken, nothing too special, but it was still fun. it wasnt really a barcade, there was a bar, a restraunt, an arcade, and then a room out back for events.
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Re: Best Arcade/Bar

by crux Thu Jun 24, 2010 10:30 pm

I've been to Barcade. They have a pretty impressive collection of retro arcade titles considering the size of the bar, but because it's Williamsburg the place is usually packed, and the machines themselves aren't in great condition. Some of the sticks were terribly loose (Robotron: 2084 was basically unplayable), which is a pretty clear indicator that the owner isn't as passionate about the gaming end of it so much as the trendiness of it. Nonetheless, there's quite a few old-school titles, from Arkanoid to 194X (can't remember which one). An impressive selection of brews too.
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Re: Best Arcade/Bar

by Note Fri Oct 22, 2010 9:43 am

I live in NYC and have been to Barcade a few times ... the machines could be kept up better but I like the selection of games and microbrews. I was there on a Saturday afternoon and would advise people to go around that time as it wasn't too crowded. At night you'll be waiting in line for the machine you want (after waiting a while for a drink).

They have a Mike Tyson's Punch Out cab and an Outrun cab, which is pretty much all I need (accompanied with some decent brews) to be happy. I also remember them having Ghouls N Ghosts, Contra, and 1942.
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Re: Best Arcade/Bar

by IcKy99 Fri Oct 22, 2010 2:43 pm

theres only 2 note worthy arcades in my area, James Games in upland, its pretty cool i guess but the locals are very very picky with who plays the Street Fighter IV machine it sucks. and Arcade Infinity in rowland heights its pretty busy all the fucking time but they have a Tatsunoko VS Capcom machine! oh and theres a gameworks at my local mall but who cares
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Re: Best Arcade/Bar

by shallowgamer Sun Nov 07, 2010 7:40 pm


If you're even remotely close to the St. Louis area, you need to go. 10 bucks gets you "free play" to 60 pinball machines and a couple of multicades.

No bartender, just a fridge for BYO. Even better than paying out the ass for drinks, IMO.
And the owner is top notch. He's taken the time to answer my pinball questions on the phone and via email.
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