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Flak Beard
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Re: raiden IV is coming to xbox 360

by Flak Beard Thu Dec 31, 2009 1:25 pm

Anyone else notice that the achievement for finishing a stage using only the blue ship in double play is called "Blue Lightening"? Bad translation or a subtle nod to Thunder Force IV?

Also, when I beat the game I got a message literally saying "????? Unlocked". What does this mean? Some kind of secret mode?
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Re: raiden IV is coming to xbox 360

by Pulsar_t Fri Dec 20, 2013 4:37 pm

Thy ban hammer shalt strike Image
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Re: raiden IV is coming to xbox 360

by GSZX1337 Wed Dec 25, 2013 2:04 am

Damn, I was hoping for a Windows release like its predecessor got. :(
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