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Re: July Together Retro: I ❤ the monster hero!

by CFFJR Wed Jul 31, 2019 1:26 pm

Nemoide wrote:I think Bloodrayne is a fun game, I'm glad you enjoyed it. And you beat the last boss without cheating?? I'm impressed!!

What stands out the most about that game for me is the insane difficulty spike with the final boss. I found the majority of the game to be fun, but not especially challenging... until I got to the last boss, which just *destroyed* me. Like, I remember thinking the programmers must have made some mistake to put such a difficult boss in the game. I think even after I entered the unlimited life cheat, it took me a good long while to take it down.

It is something of a last minute wall, especially because rest of the game definitely doesn't put up much of a fight. The biggest issue is just how much health the boss has.

Beliar wasn't too much of a problem for me. I went in to the fight with 2 grenades and a rocket, and there are more in the room, and if you just unload everything you have on him immediately (can't let him grow too much or he just soaks up damage), plus a blood rage if you can, you can kill him pretty quick. I finished him off right after he grew a second time.

Wulf was more troublesome, but like Popo said, its all about using the blood rage. What I ended up doing was using gunfire to keep him in place until I could approach, then using the vision mode that lets you slow time (I can't remember what the game calls it specifically, but down on the dpad) to get in and wail on him with melee attacks. The damage you do is pathetic, but the real goal is building up the blood rage meter, then you can really hurt him.

It takes a long ass time because he has such a ridiculous amount of health, and he's so fast that he can break away and you have to set up again, but it is a safe method that works.

MrPopo wrote:I personally wasn't as much of a fan of Bloodrayne 2; the game has a bigger budget and the devs used that to add more "features" that ended up making the game feel clunkier. The first game you're a wolf among sheep, whereas in the second game it turns out that every punk on the streets is a kung fu master.

That's unfortunate. I was hoping the extra stuff would give it a bit more depth, but losing that sense of power is going to be a bummer. Sounds like they needed to find a middle ground.
GameSack wrote:That's right, only Sega had the skill to make a proper Nintendo game.
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Re: July Together Retro: I ❤ the monster hero!

by pierrot Wed Jul 31, 2019 2:01 pm

PartridgeSenpai wrote:I didn't end up playing anything myself for this month's TR, but I DID watch a lot of Pierrot's playthrough of After Armageddon on Twitch ^w^
I even went and looked through the VOD of the last episode where the final boss takes like literally 15 whole minutes to tediously beat XD
Even if it was just enjoying Pierrot play that game (with some amount of schadenfreude, I'll admit), I really enjoyed this month's TR ^w^

Glad you enjoyed it, Partridge. I’m not really sure if the goodwill I still have left for it is really about the game, or just the fun I had hanging out with you, maru, and key, while playing it.

This talk of Bloodrayne just reminded me that I potentially could have played Primal for this month, too. Oh well.

This was a pretty cool TR. Thanks, Nemoide. I actually wasn’t sure I would even be participating in this month, at first, but ended up beating five whole games for it. Pretty sure that’s a personal record. I am now also really in the mood for October to arrive. I’ve been kind of itching to get into all the Japanese horror games I picked up last November. I should probably do myself a favor and just pick up Zero 3 already, too.

Oh yeah. Also, I left a big ol’ steaming pile of final thoughts on After Armageddon, over on the games beaten thread.
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