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Re: Together Retro: Fatal Fury Special

by nightrnr Fri Jun 21, 2013 3:44 am

Okay, so I think I used like 100 continues last night (not sure actually, as I didn't count or anything), but I FINALLY beat the game on normal with Duck King (yes I played through with controller 2 which currently has a Saturn controller adapter used to much enjoyment):
Check out my color edit.
Here's the lame one screen ending:
But at least the mock fights afterwards (during credits) are amusing.

I just get like that sometimes where I just keep continuing until I can beat a character.
Andy and Axl gave me the most trouble (I almost gave up on Andy, as he was the last regular fighter I came up against.

I still can't do Duck King's desperation attack with any consistency (and even when I pull it off, I usually end up losing), but his other moves are effective enough.
Krauser is actually a very fun boss to fight; doesn't suffer from SNK Boss syndrome at all.

So, I played through with a favorite character (Kim), and learned a new one (Duck King). I think I've fulfilled my quota for the game this time around.
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