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Doki Doki Pory

by porynog Sun Feb 04, 2018 10:29 pm

Hey hey, I'm Pory and I've recently been doing a thing I've wanted to do for about a decade - make game review videos. Finally it has taken form as Doki Doki Pory, my channel is going to have other videos as well, but there should be a new episode every other week or so. Hope you all enjoy!

Castle of Deceit (NES) - Episode 1
Drake and Josh (GBA) - Episode 2
Beethoven (SNES) - Episode 3
Sonic.EXE (Genesis) - Episode 4
Hey Arnold The Movie: The Game (GBA) - Episode 5
Mega Drive Pokémon Games - Episode 6
Rascal (PS1) - Episode 7
Christmas GBA Games - Episode 8
Mario Hacks - Episode 9
Perman (Famicom) - Episode 10

Expect frequent episodes, episode 11 is almost done! Thanks for your time :)
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