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Retro Adam
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Re: Retro Adam's Thread!!!

by Retro Adam Thu Aug 06, 2015 4:45 pm

Hey guys,

Thanks for the insight, I don't know why many of you felt the need to be jerks about it but it's ok.

I decided to take down the links and completely remove the youtube page because you all have great insight on how to make my content better, so I'm going to rework and retool many things.

I think many of you should take a cue from bogus meat factory, I agreed with a lot of what he said but disagreed with some, but it was all constructive. The point is if you are constructive and kind you will grow this particular forum and make the forum and the people involved with the forum better.

I wasn't trying to do reviews, I wasn't trying to copy any particular personality, I was simply having fun being me while playing through some games, I can see how the material seemed to have been lifted from other personalities. But the truth is I get frustrated and worked up when playing hard games, I cuss through sheer frustration, that's just who I am and the reactions in the videos were authentic. But clearly there is no demand for that kind of content, and that's cool, so i'll be back in some time with something else that was built based on your advice.

Thanks for the insight and the advice!

have a great day all!
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Re: Retro Adam's Thread!!!

by emwearz Thu Aug 06, 2015 6:53 pm

Joining a community just to flog something (be it a game, kickstarter, youtube videos, etc) will generally invite harsh criticism.

If a member of the community put forth a video like that, you would find they would give advice, etc. Because they are part of the community, when you stop by just to get views, subs, donations, downloads, etc, you tend to get treated like a door to door salesperson.

Because at the end of the day, you are cold calling the community.

We have quite a few youtubers here on a RB, Nathan Barnett (though he is not very active anymore), Redifer from Game Sack, Metal Jesus Rocks. Outside of the fact that they make high quality videos, they are also respectful toward the community and never push shit onto them. They all have high post counts, they all are respected members of the community.

Also another big issue, if you can't take criticism (even trolling if you want to call it that) online, you are going to struggle with Youtube.
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Re: Retro Adam's Thread!!!

by pierrot Thu Aug 06, 2015 8:37 pm

Did I watch the same thing as everyone else: Batman on the NES condensed into four minutes? I expected at least Tomba 2 @ SGDQ '14 type train-wreck. Was disappointed in that regard.

Honestly, I feel the internet is so awash with banal contrivances that something serving a niche has greater worth than something that seeks the broadest audience possible. I don't have a personal interest in Retro Adam's videos, but I wasn't subjected to unscripted fluff for more than four minutes, which is a plus over most Let's Plays as far as I'm concerned.

Adam, if you were having fun doing what you were doing on youtube, who gives a crap what people here think? If your objective is to monetize, and not just to connect with other people while doing something you enjoy, well then their grievances may hold water.
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