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TheCGdudes Video Thread

by psychosync Fri Oct 24, 2014 9:10 am


I want to share with you the new Dungeon Master review i just made on Youtube:
Tony'sFoSNES- DM small.jpg
Tony'sFoSNES- DM small.jpg (287.41 KiB) Viewed 1890 times

This is my first video in a series i am starting about SNES games. My show is called "Tony's Forest of SNES". Go check out my review of Dungeon Master for the SNES, it may not be considered as the best port of DM but this is the first version i played and i am very nostalgic about playing that version. Keep in mind that i may not be 100% accurate in all that i say in that video and please pardon my French Canadian accent!

This is done with an iPhone 4S (i don't have any other camera), a cheap samsung earbuds microphone! 12 sheets of green construction paper from dolloramma to build a greenscreen! A lot of nights learning how to use Final Cut Pro X.

Feel free to comment on it.

Thanks for watching and if you like it please share it, suscribe, like it, etc...!
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Dodonpachi review by TheCGdudes

by psychosync Fri Oct 24, 2014 9:16 am


I just wanted to share with you my review of Dodonpachi for the Sega Saturn. My friend and i just started a Youtube channel where we want to review some games we really like. We are called TheCGdudes you can check us out, we don't have a lot of videos uploaded yet and the first 3 are in french, yeah english is not our native language you'll find out quickly i'm sure!
dodanpachi thumb small.jpg
dodanpachi thumb small.jpg (317.29 KiB) Viewed 1896 times

Here is the link:

Thanks a lot and if you like what you see, suscribe to the channel, we have more coming up!
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Re: Dodonpachi review by TheCGdudes

by dunpeal2064 Sun Oct 26, 2014 4:33 am

Not bad overall. Presentation was quite nice.

A little bit of feedback:

I wish you had touched on the Saturn mode of the game, since it is exclusive to that port, and it probably the only reason to pick up the game for someone with Mame running.

When you compared Donpachi to Dodonpachi, you used the term "port" in saying that Dodonpachi was superior. I wasn't clear if you meant that you just preferred the game overall, or if you meant that Dodonpachi was more accurate to its arcade release.

Just something I have an attachment to, but I would have liked to see you talk about scoring in the game. Chaining, Max Bomb Bonus, Loop Requirements, hidden bee placement, and the like are what really make this game shine for me.

I enjoyed it overall though! I'll keep my eye out for more of these.
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Lagoon SNES Review by TheCGdudes!

by psychosync Tue Dec 30, 2014 11:13 pm


I want to share with all of you the newest episode of "Tony's Forest of SNES". This time around, i talk about Lagoon. I have great memories of playing that game when i was a kid. Even though it is often compared to the first Ys games and that everybody hates the short sword the hero has, i think it is an enjoyable game to play.

Check out my review!
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