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Almost Gamers
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Almost Gamers: Trailer For Our Channel

by Almost Gamers Sat Nov 01, 2014 11:29 pm

Welcome one and welcome all to Almost Gamers. What exactly is Almost Gamers? We are the new breed to gaming. Now you might be thinking, all we do is gaming however we are not just that. We will be taking on some great and epic challenges ranging from the infamous Cereal Killer challenge where will be stuffing our faces and gut to the brim with Cereal until we burst, to taking on the hottest sauce known to man known as the preposterous pepper challenge. Giveaways will also be brought in! Be sure to tune in to us conquering the dark horrors that lurk in Dracula's castle to taking on the world's (and outworld's) Reigning champion. There will be robots clashing as well as brutal bloodsports. Just as you think things cant get any crazier, watch us tread through agonizingly awful games. Sound interesting? Good. Because from here on out, it only gets better. Why do you think that you ask? Because we are the new faces to gaming. The new game players to a new generation. We ARE Almost Gamers. Be sure to share our link below and hit that subscribe button!
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Re: Almost Gamers: Trailer For Our Channel

by jackieparks Thu Jun 25, 2015 5:14 am

meaningful introduction, but can I learn more info? and How? :D
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