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Need manual scan - NES Probotector 2 Return of Evil Forces

by god Thu May 26, 2011 8:30 pm

Hello all. This is my first post here. Couldn't find it anywhere on the internet, but I need a scan of a specific page for the "Probotector 2 Return of the Evil Forces" manual.

It is the page with the drawings of the enemies which includes 'Gerbis the Satanic Death Idol'. If anyone could point me in the right direction or scan it up for me in a reasonably high resolution, i would be highly appreciative.

I'm not sure if the US version (Super Contra, I think) has the same drawing/enemy name but if so, that would do too.

Thanks in advance. I have a few manuals i could contribute if anyone needs them. Off the top of my head (I'm at work, working hard) I've got Probotector NES, Command & Conquer N64, and a whole heap of sega mega drive ones.
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Re: Need manual scan - NES Probotector 2 Return of Evil Forces

by vlame Thu May 26, 2011 8:40 pm

here's more info

Temple of Terror
Japanese name: Shadow Beast Demon Statue Dethgerbis (陰獣魔神像デスゲルベス Injuu Majin Sou Desugerubesu?)
European name: Gerbis the Satanic Death Idol
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