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Dino Crisis Press Kit

by CRTGAMER Tue Mar 15, 2011 12:19 pm

Dino Crisis Press Kit

Necrid over at Assembler has provided a copy of the Dino Crisis Press Kit. An interesting piece of PSX history. No install needed, it is a PC and Mac Macromedia CD disc. Has trivia information, pics and video clips.

I ran it in both my the PC and iMac. Runs great in Windows XP. In the iMac G3, OS9 booted up in the background for it to work. For newer Macs you can go to the sub folders at least to view the pics. Not sure how to get this older Macromedia program to work in OSX.

Here is a Screenshot. :mrgreen:

Dino Crisis Press Kit.jpg
Dino Crisis Press Kit.jpg (220.44 KiB) Viewed 1667 times

Apologies to Mods on the large screenshots, its here in case one needs a cover.

Necrid wrote:http://www.assemblergames.com/forums/showthread.php?t=31934

Hi all, this is the Dino Crisis Digital Press Kit :-)
There are videos, informations and other things ;-)



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