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UGC Covers Needed!

by rainnyx4 Wed Jul 01, 2009 12:26 pm

Hey guys, I bought my set of 100 Universal Game Cases and have been hard at work getting all the covers done and modifying for NES carts. The only problem is, I've got quite a few games that don't have covers on thecoverproject.net. I put up a request for them on their forum but thought I'd give it a try over here as well. I have no photoshopping abilities whatsoever but even if you can only give me scans, I'll send them over to my thread on the other site and hope for the best. Thanks in advance for anything you guys can give me. Here's my list (would prefer US original/retail but will take customs if it's all I can get):

Skate or Die (US) (rainnyx4)
Ice Hockey (US) (rainnyx4)
World Class Track Meet (US) (rainnyx4)
Pac-Man Namco Version (US) (rainnyx4)
Super Mario Bros. / Duck Hunt (US) (rainnyx4)
To The Earth (US) (rainnyx4)
Excitebike (US) (rainnyx4)
Adventure Island (US) (rainnyx4)
R.C. Pro-Am Racing(US) (rainnyx4)
Heavy Shreddin' (US) (rainnyx4)
Chessmaster, The (US) (rainnyx4)
Adventures of Dino Riki (US) (rainnyx4)
Baseball Stars (US) (rainnyx4)

Sunset Riders (US) (rainnyx4)
Todd's Adventures in Slime World (US) (rainnyx4)
NBA Jam Tournament Edition (US) (rainnyx4)
John Madden Football '93 (US) (rainnyx4)

Super Nintendo
Kirby's Dream Course (US) (rainnyx4)

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