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Pokemon trading, emulation, and flash carts

Posted: Mon Jul 24, 2017 2:49 pm
by nightrnr
Besides the fact that I'm way late to the game...

What it a good way to trade pokemon between saves?
I speak of the 1st and 2nd generation games (b/r/y/g/s)

I have at my disposal several GBA systems, one GB everdrive, a few GBA flash carts, and a link cable for GBA.

Can you load up Pokemon on goomba/GBA and on an everdrive GB/played on GBA and trade that way? I don't even know if the GBA cable allows GB linking, not to mention if goomba does.

I would like to leave the original carts out of the options, as I don't want to mess with battery replacements at present and would like easy way to transplant Save files to other systems/emulators.

I will eventually try this myself, but wondered if anyone knew what was possible.

To clear up, it's not save transplants that I need help with. I just want a good way to manually trade exclusive Pokemon between games on other systems.
I'd looking to hear if you can load up the game on another portable via emulators (GBA, DS, PSP);
for example, if 2 PSP's had an option on Homer's Rin or Masterboy, or load up 2 DS systems with flash carts and via Lameboy, could link through wireless connection.

I may just get another GB everdrive at some point.