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Re: Best all-in-one emulation options - 2017

Posted: Fri Jun 02, 2017 3:08 am
by nightrnr
I really like my Rhea for Saturn and GDEMU AND USB-GDROM are both good options for Dreamcast (GDEMU being a little easier to install USB-GDROM easier to obtain). Soldering was not strictly required for any of my needs, but opening the system is.

You might also wait for DCIO for the best option though (still in the works as is a plug and play Saturn option, but years out most likely).

All are totally worth it if you are a fan of the systems. But you basically got to commit to your choice and watch their site like a starving hawk.

All seem got have their quirks as well, nothing is perfect. It's been trial and error until things work and/or I understand things better the whole way for me.
Again, worth it for an immortal Saturn and Dreamcast setup.

Jagosaurus is right about the rabbit hole matrix analogy. I'm currently lost in that limbo somewhere, but fascinated with what I was able to get working. One day I'll reach nirvana...