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by Perseid Wed Apr 25, 2007 2:31 pm

neohx_7 wrote:There are many inconsistencies in emulated games that most of us probably don't notice. Look at the BSNES and MAME projects to see developers who want pixel perfect emulation. Heck, in a recent update to .114 the MAME team finally got the sounds accurately emulated for SPACE INVADERS.

Many games that old used analog synthesizers instead of digital ones. This makes them far harder to emulate because there isn't any code you can dump. That's why emulators for very old arcade games can get fidgety.
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by fastbilly1 Wed Apr 25, 2007 8:46 pm

I view the cutoff for emulation at the PSX/N64 era, excluding Saturn and 3DO. Well most CD-I games have problems. Even if latter N64 games are emulated amazingly well, ej Sin and Punishment, there are quirks in some of the earlier ones. Most Rare N64 games have one problem or another, namely not rendering skyboxes. Battletanx Global Assault likes to lag fairly badly in multiplayer at random. Granted one time I did lay over 400 mines...

I have also discovered to be a pain to emulated would be the Megaman Legends/Megaman 64 - both have random problems with them. And every Alpha and most Beta's - Starfox 2, Mario Wacky Worlds, Thrill Kill - give me problems atleast some of the time.
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