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No Man's Sky Stories and Tips

Posted: Wed Aug 10, 2016 10:12 pm
by Fragems
Since there are a few of us playing I figured it would be worth throwing a thread up.

Anyways some general tips that I've picked up since launch.

1. Always talk to aliens twice. The second interaction will cost you 20 carbon but it gives you three options one of which 90% of the time is learning a new word which is well worth 20 carbon especially since there are usually 1-2 plants in a given room which will net you around 10-20 carbon.

2. You can go up to any parked ship and interact with the pilot. You can sell/buy from them and even purchase their ship.

3. Don't waste time on underwater locations I have yet to find anything worth while underwater and since you currently can't land your ship in water it's usually an annoying 10+ minute experience just swimming out to one.

4. The mineral pillars you encounter re spawn immediately if you enter your ship and move out of view. Also when in space you can find large deposits of Nickel, Copper, Iridium, and etc. by flying around and watching for the larger misshaped asteroids it's about the fastest way to collect those minerals.

5. All smaller asteroids produce Thamium9 which is also your pulse engine fuel so if your pulsing from one location to another and run out of fuel just blast some asteroids they are everywhere.

6. Don't feel the need to land at every "?" location learn the building types for specific types of location are pretty repetitive so memorize the more useful ones. For instance drop pods are always inventory upgrades, anything with a landing pad usually has an alien and store. and any alien structure will at minimum teach you one new alien word.

7. While flying keep an eye out there are locations all over the place and the scanner doesn't always display them properly. Most also stick out like a shore thumb so they are hard to miss.

8. If you see hostile ships scanning you get to the nearest planet or star port immediately they will kick your ass unless you have an upgraded ship.

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Posted: Thu Aug 11, 2016 9:42 am
by ElkinFencer10
I was extremely disappointed by the game's language filter. I really wanted to name a planet Gigacock. :cry:

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Posted: Thu Aug 11, 2016 1:37 pm
by Fragems
I haven't played around with the naming much yet but some of yours were great the other night :lol: . Did create the Sega universe the other night but other then that I've mostly stuck to defaults since I've gone through so many.

Kind of ticked found out how you are supposed to get Atlas Pass keys for the locked stuff apparently you have to continue the quest line from the start and it guides you to a special spaceport where you get the blueprint and some materials. Apparently I skipped a step though so I'm now in a semi free roam state and will just have to wait to randomly bump into a special space port or the blue print.

Ran into some interesting creatures last night a lot of creepy bipedal mobs as well as a planet filled with hopping fruit like creatures. Also bought a new ship and upgraded it for combat so I can finally handle my own in a 2-3v1 fight. Bumped into so many backpack upgrades that I'm now around 30 slots which is double what my ship has so I'm going to focus on buying more combat focused ships as opposed to the bulky cargo ships :lol: .

Re: No Man's Sky Stories and Tips

Posted: Thu Aug 11, 2016 1:40 pm
by ElkinFencer10
I'm still trying to find more fucking antimatter. I started making a Gamindustry system. So far I have named planets Planeptune and Lastation.

Re: No Man's Sky Stories and Tips

Posted: Thu Aug 11, 2016 1:45 pm
by Fragems
ElkinFencer10 wrote:I'm still trying to find more fucking antimatter. I started making a Gamindustry system. So far I have named planets Planeptune and Lastation.

I got lucky and picked up blueprints for everything you need to craft warp fuel. Plus my upgraded warp drive can jump 4-5 systems ahead at a time so technically I could probably jump my way right to the center of the universe in the next 3-4 hours of play if I really wanted to.

I made a Sega System last night only had four planets though so sadly it only features planets Dreamcast, Genesis, Saturn, and Nomad.

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Posted: Thu Aug 11, 2016 1:53 pm
by Reprise
Yeah, guys, I'm going to need your help haha.

I've had the game since launch and have been enjoying it. It's really cool exploring stuff and just getting stuck into exploring the universe.

But I'm trying to push forward with some of the main objectives, as it seems that's key to really opening up the world.

So I went to the space station to buy whatever it was I needed to buy in order to craft the hyperdrive. Then I went to a new planet and looked for some heridium. I explored for a bit, as you do, but finally got some and crafted the HyperDrive.

'Cool' I thought. Then it said I need to charge the Hyperdrive with Warp Cells. What the fuck are warp cells? So I google it and apparently I can craft them.

To craft them though, you need antimatter. According to the internet, you should be given a piece of antimatter, prior to this bit, from some alien as part of the main quest. It seems I somehow skipped that? Apparently I should also have the blueprint to craft my own, but I don't think I do... What the hell?

Edit: Just tried following the instructions to craft antimatter and I definitely don't have the blueprint.... Where do I find this shit?

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Posted: Thu Aug 11, 2016 2:04 pm
by Fragems
To craft a warp cell you need first suspension fluid, which you then convert to Electron Vapor, which you then turn into Antimatter which you finally turn into a warp cell. I think you were supposed to bump into an alien on one of the planets that gives you some antimatter + a blue print but I really can't remember as a lot of my blueprints are from manufacturing facilities. Think it was in the first system I did a scan in space then it sent me to a beacon which then sent me to a shelter where the alien was.

As for blueprints in general if you find a manufacturing facility they are the structures with a locked metal door. Basically you are supposed to destroy it then solve the puzzle at the computer inside most are simple but a few are kind of hard if you don't get any clues from the computer which will speak in the native language. Figuring out how to open the doors is a complete bitch though the mining lazer doesn't work so you have to either bash(R1 on the controller) it down slowly or get an attachment like the plasma launcher to bring it down. When you start destroying the doors the sentinels also get pissed so you can either fight them off or if you can take the door down relatively fast get inside and so far they've never followed me inside. It does take like 6-9 plasma grenades to get through some doors though so make sure you have a good charge on it before you start going at it unless you feel like fighting while you recharge.

Re: No Man's Sky Stories and Tips

Posted: Thu Aug 11, 2016 2:10 pm
by ElkinFencer10
I didn't get to play too much last night since I was TRYING to beat Eternal Darkness, but got pissed off and quit when it kept freezing on Chapter 11. I'm gonna let that cool off for a few days and try again when I'm not so pissed off (and use Dolphin if I can get it to read my save file). Tonight, I explore! If this damn training workshop ever ends...

Re: No Man's Sky Stories and Tips

Posted: Thu Aug 11, 2016 2:11 pm
by Reprise
I guess I was being inpatient haha. Sorry, I just got given my first piece of antimatter and now I can craft a warp cell for the hyper drive.

Apparently I should get the blueprint for crafting antimatter myself at the next planet I visit (or something).

Thanks for the info about manufacturing facilities by the way! I was wondering what they are. I came across one, but when I tried to destroy the door, I got attacked and overwhelmed by a bunch of those robot things, so I ended up giving up in the end. I'll persevere next time I see one.

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Posted: Thu Aug 11, 2016 2:29 pm
by Fragems
Yeah just craft a plasma launcher for your tool when you find some equipment they can get through most of the doors quick enough that they sentinals won't get through your shields. Once inside the sentinels lose track of you and deactivating in about 5 seconds :P.

Also if you run into a number sequence puzzle they are really easy the number is always the same just in a different order for instance 1234-4123-3412-2341 so all you have to due is rule out numbers that break the shift in sequence and ones that have already been displayed and that solves it the majority of the time.

Also if some alien shows you a picture of a "handsome" alien of "good breading" it's a marriage proposal. I found out the hard way :lol: . Although technically I did get a warp drive blue print out of it

Also for anyone using the scanner to scan animals and plants you can zoom in by clicking the right stick makes scanning stuff without having to get right up on it a heck of a lot easier. It's especially useful with hostile critters so far I've determined that if it has crab or insect legs then 99% of the time it wants to eat your face off.

I've only encountered maybe 2-3 larger animals that would attack without provocation. Each time it was pretty awesome though. Best one involved me digging a hole with my plasma launcher to get out of a heat storm then having a T-rex style critter with a "stalking" temperament try join me for a little lunch.