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Are Sony back to their evil selves?

by Pulsar_t Fri Dec 04, 2015 11:52 am

There is mounting evidence to this:
1- PSN Plus subscription was made mandatory for online play, but we didn't complain much because they threw in free games. In the past few months however, said games have been paltry in value, especially for PS4.
2- Now that Ps2 emulation is a certainty, they won't allow you to run your games off disc. Pity that the Bluray drive doesn't want to read DVD discs thanks to Sony :roll:
3- What's next I wonder?
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Re: Are Sony back to their evil selves?

by Tanooki Fri Dec 04, 2015 1:14 pm

Seems to reinforce the doom saying I've done for years that people like Sony, Nintendo and the rest don't care what the consumer wants when it comes to supporting previous generation games and the jump from platform to platform. If this story isn't proven wrong and Sony block PS2 buys on PS3 from carrying over, and also doesn't allow PS2 physical media to read so they can upsell you on yet another paid for download of the same game yet again because of 1080p and trophies that really makes it clear.

I can't say I'm mad about it, I get it, they're in business to make money, but the fact they're not even trying to pull some halfass compromise like Nintendo did with reduced price cost Wii to WiiU virtual console download prices (I think they were like 75% off) is just slimy. You're stuck only getting what they want, on their terms, and for a full payment yet again. Most people won't put up with it, but those new to the games because they started on PS3 or PS4 won't care so it will off set the older people griping about it so they don't and won't care. Again why I only buy download games when I can keep a backup that'll be supported and carried over through time (ie: otherwise it has to be very cheap (like $5 more or less.)

I think if anything it also shows between them and Nintendo being in the lead makes you arrogant and screw with your fans to widen the wallet. Anyone old enough not to have caught on to this by now would have to be blind. You can either choose to care and not support them or not and just go along with that aspect or ignore it.
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Re: Are Sony back to their evil selves?

by MrPopo Fri Dec 04, 2015 1:58 pm

Tanooki wrote:Seems to reinforce the doom saying I've done for years that people like Sony, Nintendo and the rest don't care what the consumer wants when it comes to supporting previous generation games and the jump from platform to platform.

The majority of consumers don't give a shit about this. They trade in their old games or put them in the closet and buy the new hotness. We are a more unique group that keeps all their old stuff and so would like backwards compatibility to save on the hassle of having every console hooked up.
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Re: Are Sony back to their evil selves?

by RyaNtheSlayA Fri Dec 04, 2015 2:27 pm

The PS+ requirement for online gaming was a dick move for sure.

I don't really see a problem in them not allowing you to use PS2 discs. There's at least some reason for that (mostly trophy and shareplay support they're building into the emulators).

What is bullshit about the PS2 backwards compatibility is that your PS2 classics from PS3 wont be carried over. So if they release Persona 3 FES for PS4, even if you bought it on PS3, you get to buy it again. That's real stupid.

In any case, I always found it a bit odd that people thought Sony was really all that different this go around. Other than the less-tone deaf American branch designing the console, it's still the same company doing the same thing. They just happened to not screw up the hardware so bad this time around. Microsoft just managed to screw up their messaging so bad at the beginning of this generation that Sony then appeared to do no wrong in the eyes of the masses.
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Re: Are Sony back to their evil selves?

by Tanooki Fri Dec 04, 2015 2:32 pm

I know that Popo which is why I said what you boxed off there in the quote. More than enough people have been groomed into the disposable culture thing that there's no reason to support it. When people weren't back with the PS2 and early PS3 days you saw the older games fire up and have support, then it was pulled. It isn't making Sony or any of them evil, they're given the option to take and do as it saves time and money and can make some more money too with stuff like this.

To be honest I don't care anymore either because of how they handle releases on all the new systems. They release broken games that eventually won't work since you won't be able to patch in the fixes when they're taken offline. So when I replace the one with the next I sell the games off for whatever I can get which is why I don't have any PS3 games anymore and a small PS4 library. They have no value beyond their expiration date to me. PC though I hold onto it since GoG is an option as are other things like Indiebox, etc who do real releases still.

Ryan -- Yup, once my PS+ cards I had ran out I never renewed it. I don't play online but rarely and didn't on PS4 and I never had time really for their free stuff around other things so I let it go. It should have been kept up like on PS3 where you had the choice of added features. If true it is sad they won't honor active PS3 psn purchases of PS2 games, just seems not right and at the least they should allow a reduced price transfer like Wii to WiiU VC games did.
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Re: Are Sony back to their evil selves?

by BogusMeatFactory Fri Dec 04, 2015 3:29 pm

Playstation plus was a natural progression. The Xbox has been doing it forever and people have been paying for it wholeheartedly without complaint and they wanted to capitalize on that as well. Dick move? Nope.

My take on the Playstation 2 backwards compatibility is this. Retro game collectors are an enormous minority in this. If a player wants a PS2 game they would have had to own it already, or buy it used and zero percent of that money goes towards the developers and rights holders. Think of it like this, Game developers can now see how many people are interested in old, unused franchises and see if there is desire for sequels and continuations.

I would rather pay for a digital copy of a game to directly support a game developer than to support a pawnshop/used game store/flea market stall/ebay merchant.

As for Tanooki's brilliant assessment that all games will be unplayable in the future, because you won't be able to patch them; I am playing a game that has been dead for the last 10 years and was unavailable to be played for 7. How is that possible? Because people aren't dumb. How easy will it be when the PS4 is dead to softmod your system and have updates backed up online to install. Don't give me this garbage that all of the games will be unplayable, because that is absolutely delusional.
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Re: Are Sony back to their evil selves?

by d123456 Fri Dec 04, 2015 5:38 pm

The big companies are alienating alot of used-te-be-gamers with their schemes.
They are missing out on billions of $'s.
They just keep fooling themselves with the the ridiculous idea that if they do this, the consumer will have to buy this and this and this.

Why not just always support all platforms at all times? I bet they'd say: "Look man, you just don't get it. We can't support more than one platform. It will confuse the consumer."

Luckily, It's great that right now there is alot of retro development, software, patches, hardware add ons, etc. etc. keeping the scene alive.
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Re: Are Sony back to their evil selves?

by Tanooki Fri Dec 04, 2015 5:44 pm

Could you do us all a favor and get fitted for a columbian neck tie bogus? I'm not even sure why I clicked display this post but I had a feeling you'd say something canned and stupid to ridicule me as you get your rocks off on it.

Windows 7 is not a console, obviously it's far easier to patch a PC game. Most people aren't clued into soft modding their consoles and would just end up with a system with a lot of partly busted unpatchable games somewhere in the future. If you're too dense or arrogant enough to realize a lot of people aren't keen on that, that's a shame, but it's a reality.
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Re: Are Sony back to their evil selves?

by Cronozilla Fri Dec 04, 2015 6:58 pm

I was planning on avoiding this topic since, Sony + Tanooki + Nintendo = Aggravating time for Crono, but Tanooki, are you seriously asserting that anyone else on the entire forum, besides yourself, has any actual issue with BogusMeatFactory?


People need to understand something. If you still even have a PS2 game, you're a minority in the video game audience.

Sony is a company that is hemorrhaging money and they're not going allow any revenue stream to escape their grasp, especially when PlayStation is the only thing making anything for them.

People might be viewing it as arrogance on Sony's part, but I think the audience is just too small to cater to on their end.

If Sony was actually evil, as in wishing malcontent upon everyone whom utilizes their company, they wouldn't be helping games like The Last Guardian, No Man's Sky, Rime, Shenmue 3, Firewatch and The Witness become a reality. None of these games are going to be the largest sellers of the year they come out in, almost guaranteed they won't even break the top 5. So, that means that, Sony, at the very least has creative people in some control where they nurture products that have meaning beyond making money. That is completely not evil. And I would even argue Sony keeps the iterative money chugging annual dev. cycles to a minimum.

They actually deserve some credit there.

Are the situations involving PS+, PS2 compatibility, and other such issues annoying due to how petty they seem from the consumer's standpoint? Absolutely. Does it make them evil? No. In fact I'd wonder if PS4 would be selling as well as it is if PS+ wasn't required for online; If you could just pop in old games. These are not things that new customers value, whom are largely the demographic of the PS4. And that is a whole different topic.

It comes across as "nonsense" when trying to drag Nintendo under the bus for improper backwards support specifically on the Wii U. Nintendo is the only current console manufacturer that gives complete compatibility with the previous console at no cost, including peripherals. And they did it since day 1 of the system's life.

Being pissed about that is ridiculous. We get it, Tanooki, you don't like Nintendo and Sony, but are somehow intrinsically compelled to keep buying their products and you hate the nicest person on the entire forum. Could you stop bringing it all up at every single opportunity and move on, already? Let it go.
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Re: Are Sony back to their evil selves?

by Tanooki Fri Dec 04, 2015 7:45 pm

You're kidding on both questions right? To the first he even admitted to actively harassing me for fun like a week or two in a public post which in turn had no action done about it other than closing the complaint which says a lot. And to the second, seriously? No. You're confused clearly. I don't dislike either. If I did I wouldn't own stuff they made. If there's one I totally hate, it's microsoft and I've never owned and never will own their consoles. Why would you think I hate Sony? Nintendo I get, they've infuriated me with their current and last console in how they were handled and with WiiU just bungled but I like their handhelds and their games in general or I wouldn't still be buying 3DS games and have a New3DS. I've clearly said I have no clue if I'd buy another console from them but a handheld, yes I would.

Sony, I have a PS4, I bought 2 games on black friday for it to enjoy and I have. The system works well, installs and downloads are fast compared to PS3 big time, the controller is nice, and I've had no issue with it. I just don't care for multiplayer so I don't pay for PS+ but that doesn't mean I hate Sony. Also if you read what i said earlier about Sony was clear. They appear to not even be giving an inch which sucks if someone bought a PS2 game on PS3 by not doing like Nintendo did with Wii->WiiU vc big discount upselling, and that's all. I don't seriously expect them to run 15 year old DVD games on it as there's no good reason to. I've had every system that company had put out and not regretted any of them. The commentary on the games stands for anyone other than WiiU since it ran Wii games natively. Sure both companies do stuff that'll come off as arrogant and greedy but they need to do it to bring the dough in, you just either accept it or move on. Clearly I accepted it and haven't moved along since I have their stuff still as far as PS4 and 3DS go.
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