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Re: Wolfenstein new order + Doom Beta?!

by Tanooki Sat Apr 02, 2016 9:34 pm

Xeogred wrote:It's awesome. A nice breath of fresh air after all the CoD/BF overdose over the years.

Of this I have no doubt. My annoyance in how Doom3 turned into some scripted every 30second pop scare from behind bullshit game despite just clearing the area got grating really fast. I never paid a lot for it, just a few bucks later down the line as I have now a physical copy (buck in a clearance bin) and there was some demo experience when it was fresh that put me off, that or I warezed it out of being curious. It ran me straight to both the PC Serious Sam games and the Gamecube (and crappy GBA) game too. That game was what DOOM3 should have been keeping with the style of play how DOOM worked. Crap ton of ammo, weapons, lots of crap trying to kill you while also shooting at you too, and big areas along with indoor tighter spots too.
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Re: Wolfenstein new order + Doom Beta?!

by Xeogred Sun Apr 03, 2016 2:11 am

I dunno, Doom (+2 and expansions etc) is top 10 material for me for life, but I still liked Doom 3 and would take it over Serious Sam. I get the comparison, but I lose interest in the Serious Sam games after a few hours.

Doom 4 looks like it'll be more vicious and faster paced like the originals, so that's exciting. But I still think Doom 3 is a fine game. Though it's counterpart from the same time frame, Half-Life 2 has aged way better in most ways.
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