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Giving this kid ultimate PS1 library

by Mega-Dan Sat May 27, 2006 5:43 pm

I am dumping this girl, but I feel bad for her kid because her mom never let her have a game system before I gave her daughter my old modified PS1. So before I break up with her I am giving the kid a ton of games since those are probably the last games that kid will get for a year or so. She is eight so I am going to piss her mom off with some of these probably. Remeber I gave her a modified PS1 because mine was kinda crappy and didnt play games right anyways, so dont go saying "why didnt you give her this game or that game", probably because they wont work on my crappy half functioning old system.
I am waiting for my new PSone lcd screen combo replacement dealy to arrive in the mail anyday now, and that will definitely get modded :) Guess what the kid always says to me, "Why didnt you give me a PS2?" F@#k*n brat! But I cant allow some kid to go until their 16 without ANY games, thats crazy, even an ungrateful one.

Here is what she is getting for her PS1 on this spindle of disks:
Twisted metal 2
wipeout xl
ridge racer 4
tenchu stealth assassins
street figher alpha 3
metal gear solid
metal slug x
tomb raider
medal of honor
final fantasy tactics
vagrant story
crash team racing
jet moto 2
nfl blitz
command & conquer
need for speed 3
mass destruction
battle arena toshinden 2
chrono trigger
* Games that will piss her mom off *
silent hill
resident evil 2
quake II
resident evil 3

already gave her with the system:
Tekken 3
final fantasy VII
gradius gaiden
Ms Pac man maze maddness
sould edge
gran turismo
mega man x4
motor toon racing
army men air attack
some other crap crap I cant remember

Thanks to Gamespy for helping me figure out which games to give:
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by grittykitty Sat May 27, 2006 11:07 pm

pretty crazy... just hope those certain games don't make her "violent" as the media likes us to believe, she just may track you down and come after you someday for not giving her a ps2 :lol:
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Forgot the Jumping Flash games

by Mega-Dan Sun May 28, 2006 12:01 pm

I also gave her the jumping flash games, 1 and 2, but she never plays them. Yeah, I am moving soon so its not like it about bad feelings or anything, but I probably would have broken up eventually, but this poor kid she never gets any new games. She plays tekken 3 and soul edge all day. Its funny because her mom just doesnt seem to care about her playing violent games really, she lets her watch aqua teen hunger force and stuff.
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