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XBox Live Arcade to Get Sega Support and MAME?

by racketboy Fri Apr 21, 2006 10:10 am


What do you think?
Sounds a little fake to me...

I don't really think they would make reference to MAME...
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by jemsic Fri Apr 21, 2006 11:00 am

lol, yea I don't think they would say MAME either. Plus, those arcade machines still cost alot. The arcade companies would want an unreasonable amount because they hold the interest of the arcade owner (who bought a 2-3000 dollar machine) foremost. And I don't think Microsoft would want to spend the kind of money for legal mame.

How would all the arcade owners feel about their old games (that still rake in money) being available for a $5 download?
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by turkey Sat Apr 22, 2006 4:41 am

I think that news scource is pretty far off, i cant see "mame" going onto live,

however I watched a interview with peter moore recently, and he did react to questions aimed in a simlar direction. He did not confirm or deny this sort of thing only to say wait for E3, he did however say that to go on live it would have to be redone (like joust) so it would not be just mame. Each game would have to be redone with new gfx etc but still be retro. Also I think there is a chance sega will put some old titles onto live as the demographic is probably perfect as we all remember the titles and they have not been shy with doing the "ages" disks before, plus Joust is sega so they have already allowed one....

And about the old companies not wanting their games on live? I am sure as hell they would like to get $5 a dl for their old IP :) seeing as they are pretty much public domain now thanks to mame and all of its good intentions.

I was going to start a thread based on such rumor asking what people would like to see.

Not sure on what arcade games would work well (thinking sufficiently old to actually get the go ahead), but a 4 player hi def powerstone online live game would kick ass :)
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