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Commission completed - final handheld N64 portable

by bacteria Wed Mar 23, 2016 6:31 am

Had this case left over from a year ago and had a guy really really keen for me to use it for a commission for an N64 portable, so I did so. I am not vacuum forming any more cases, future systems including a commission i'm about to take a deposit on, will use the tabletop design - far easier to build and also more retro look.

Thought i'd publish it on Instructables. It is entered into the "Gaming" competition, and "featured" in their Play section.

http://www.instructables.com/id/How-to- ... able-Cons/

I would be most grateful if you like what you see, and have an Instructables account, if you could please vote for it - that would be awesome! :)

Here is the Gaming Competition link:


That is the last vacuum forming case I will make, future commissions will be tabletop design prodominently, I have a commission at the moment for this in fact so over the next weeks I should be posting the one for an N64 system and in a few months for SNES system too.

Here is what the system looks like:


Such systems do not require the board trimming or level of relocation of parts as needed by a handheld system, and are more robust and also I think, more attractive by nature.
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