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Capacitor Replacement

by whiskthecat Sat Nov 08, 2014 7:52 pm

Trying to gauge interest on a fully solid capacitor replacement kit/service for older consoles. I acquired a bunch of Super Nintendo's recently and found quite a few from the group had leaking input capacitors. Unfortunately after being replaced many of the affected consoles still don't work. I suppose this is due to various IC's being destroyed from improper voltages.

So I immediately set out to preventatively replace all of the electrolytics in my best consoles with solid type capacitors so I could sleep at night. It seems Nintendo didn't skimp and used all Panasonic capacitors but even still these consoles are getting old and eventually the liquid contained inside these components will go bad. So far I have done my NES and SNES and plan on taking a look at my N64 and Dreamcast next. Also, I've noticed many Nintendo cartridge based games from NES to N64 include a 22uF electrolytic that I've been going through replacing with a small SMD ceramic for my higher value games. Cost for the SNES was about 30$ due to purchasing single quantities. NES only had 3 electrolytics and came in at about 8$. Price drops a fair bit if you can get the quantity past 10 and even more past 100. Shipping proves to be a sizeable chunk.

So I was thinking perhaps if there was enough demand I could order a bunch at one time to receive a better price and then package them into kits and ship them using the cheapest method. Of course this is all complicated by the fact that there are so many consoles and even more revisions of those consoles. Many of which I don't have at my disposal to properly find replacement components. Just wondering what you guys think?

I suppose I should mention that I am aware capacitor kits already exist, but to my knowledge all of the ones I have seen replace them with electrolytics which serves to only delay the problem another decade or so as opposed to permanently fixing it.
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