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Less-popular SNES music

by marurun Mon Aug 28, 2006 4:07 pm

OK, I'm starting this thread because there are some SNES games out there that just haven't got all the props they deserve for interesting soundtracks. Sure, everyone seems to love Square titles and Nintendo-made games, and even Konami, but what about lesser games? The music doesn't have to be AWESOME, it just has to sound good. Maybe the tune's simple but there's just something about the reverb they used, or maybe the music gives an otherwise ho-hum game a surreal or epic feel. I'll put down some of my picks and I'd like to see some of yours.

This game's essentially a crappy game, but the music is kinda a spooky techno/ambient/house blend. It rocks. Hate the game, love the tunes.

The game's a fairly average first-person dungeon RPG, and though the tunes do get a little repetetive they're actually pretty cool.

Sure, the tunes aren't nearly as good as the PC-Engine's CD tracks, but they are interesting re-interpretations of the tunes from the original computer game nonetheless. Worthy.

Joe & Mac:
Yep, you read correctly. A mediocre platformer, but the echo on the tunes makes the soundtrack sound simply surreal, and if you have your sound going through a decent set of bassy speakers you get some interesting results.

OK, this game probably does get some attention. The year the SNES came out Nintendo Power gave the Best Soundtrack award to Super Castlevania IV. Actraiser was robbed. Some people prefer Actraiser 2, but I think Actraiser the first has some of the best sounding and best orchestrated tunes on the SNES to date. Yuzo Koshiro imparted emotional music to a game that didn't quite deserve it. Sure, the game's good, but the Actraiser soundtrack is even more orchestral and grandiose in scope than anything Uematsu did at Square, IMO.

Super EDF:
Essentially a console port of the arcade game EDF. The soundtrack is, overall, only OK, but the first couple levels are pretty rockin.

UN Squadron:
Quality Capcom shooter with a good ole' 68K Kondo sounding soundtrack. Oddly good music.

Surely I am missing some titles here, and I will require assistance filling in the blanks!
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by SegaVega Mon Aug 28, 2006 4:33 pm

Great idea...

Skyblazer- one of my favorite, and most forgotten SNES titles, the music in the later levels is particularly grand. It also helped that it was developed by Sony Imagesoft, who had a better understanding of the Sony sound chip in the SNES than maybe even Nintendo. It's "sequel", Hook (they share the same engine), also had great sound although the Sega CD version outdoes it.

I'll save some for later.
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Spanky's quest

by d123456 Wed Nov 05, 2014 5:59 pm

Don't mind the ridiculous artwork, the game is not that bad at all
Get ready to get your mind blown by the ost: ... D9&index=4
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Re: Less-popular SNES music

by ExedExes Wed Nov 05, 2014 6:16 pm

marurun wrote:Hyperzone:
This game's essentially a crappy game, but the music is kinda a spooky techno/ambient/house blend. It rocks. Hate the game, love the tunes.

Real happy this gets a mention, also real happy this game has a sound test just for that awesome music (L+R & Start at title screen)

I think a lot of Natsume's SNES games had good music. Pocky & Rocky 1 & 2, Ninja Warriors Again, and this from MMPR The Movie.
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